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Media Studies and Production

  • Certificate
  • 27 credits
  • Delivery Method: On-Campus

Why Study Media Studies and Production at LSC?

The media studies and production certificate at Lake Superior College in Duluth, MN is designed to prepare you for a wide variety of jobs in media and video production. Learn skills for careers in multimedia, DVD authoring, film-style and video production as well as media project and production management. You’ll get hands-on experience in the on-campus audio and video studios. You’ll also get experience through internships at local broadcast stations and media agencies.

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  • LSC is my TOP CHOICEfor Media Studies and Production
    I feel so grateful to be working in a major television market, and I know that it wouldn't have been even an idea in my mind if it wasn't for this program, the skills it taught me, and the support along t way. Allysa
    Alum, Media Studies and Production
  • LSC is my TOP CHOICEfor Media Studies and Production
    The Media Studies program is a one-of-a-kind experience, and it teaches students the crucial skills needed to succeed in this industry. I know that every single opportunity stemmed from one place. The Media Studies program, and it set the course of my career and opened doors that changed my life. I still use the same skills today that I learned years ago. Michelle
    Alum, Media Studies and Production
  • LSC is my TOP CHOICEfor Media Studies and Production
    The Media Studies and Production program allows students to develop a leader's mindset and sets them up to achieve great results. It's also been a great place to recruit students for production jobs. Sean
    Alum, Media Studies and Production
  • LSC is my TOP CHOICEfor Media Studies and Production
    The Media Studies program at LSC gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to get my foot in the door and discover a career path that is both fulfilling and fun. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the encouragement and continued support from the program Shania
    Alum, Media Studies and Production
  • LSC is my TOP CHOICEfor Media Studies and Production
    My Media Studies internship, camera-operator for My9 hockey games gave me my start. A weekend directing position lead to my current position directing weeknight news and the director of My9 hockey. LSC Media Studies has been vital for providing students for our hockey crew every year. Ryan
    Alum, Media Studies and Production
  • LSC is my TOP CHOICEfor Media Studies and Production
    I took a few courses in Media Studies and just fell in love. During my time in the program, I felt my passion for the industry grow. I wouldn't be where I am today without that experience. Ian
    Alum, Media Studies and Production

Career Information

Visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the MN Dept of Employment & Economic Development, and the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) to gather valuable career information such as wage reports, career outlook, job prospects, industry trends, and career opportunities. These tools are available to help empower students to make informed decisions about their educational and professional paths.

Below you will find the Career Field and Career Cluster that this program is related to. Learn more about if this career area fits your interests!

Is Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications right for you?

Arts, audio/video technology, and communications workers use creativity and their talents on the job. You might work for an audience as a performer or artist. This includes painters, dancers, sculptors, actors, and singers. Or, you might work behind the scenes to make a performance successful. This includes set designers, editors, broadcast technicians, and camera operators.

Program Outcomes

Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • Create, produce, record, and edit video projects and productions.
  • Voice, produce, record, and edit audio projects and productions.
  • Work collaboratively in teams to produce media productions.
  • Apply industry terminology and techniques common to media production and process.

Plan Your Education

The Media Studies and Production Program Guide is a tool to help you map out how to successfully get your degree at Lake Superior College.

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LSC Student Video Productions

Media Studies Graduates

Media Studies Student Production

LSC Career Path - Produced by Media Studies

Careers Held By Media Graduates

Audio and Video Equipment Technicians Growth rate: 11.6%

Operate audio or video equipment for concerts, sports events, or other gatherings.

Film and Video Editors Growth rate: 13.9%

Organize and put together raw video footage into a completed production.

Camera Operators Growth rate: 8.1%

Operate television, video, or movie cameras to record information.

Multimedia Artists and Animators Growth rate: 4.2%

Create special effects or animation using film, video, computers, or other electronic tools.

Producers and Directors Growth rate: 4.8%

Produce or direct TV shows, movies, or other types of entertainment.

Meet Misael, Media Studies Student

Media Studies at Lake Superior College

Student and Graduate Awards

AL - Student Upper Midwest Emmy Recipient (Music Video)

DESTEN - Upper Midwest Emmy Recipient, Photojournalist (WDIO)

DUSTIN - Two-Time Upper Midwest Emmy Recipient, Photojournalist / Editor (KBJR)

JACOB - Upper Midwest Emmy Recipient, Director/Sunrise (KARE 11)

JOSHUA - Upper Midwest Emmy Recipient, Producer/10 p.m. Broadcast (KBJR)

KELLY - Webby Award, Producer/Editor, Video Series and Channels (Camp Woodward)

MICHELLE - Innovative Online Advertising, MN Newspaper Association, 6 Upper Midwest Emmy Nominations, Producer/Videographer (KMSP), National Promax Gold Award, Promotional

SHAWN - Upper Midwest Emmy Recipient, Director/Noon Broadcast (KBJR)

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