The Lake Superior College Foundation administers scholarships from private donors who give to us. These scholarships can be applied for twice a year. There are “external scholarship” that have various application dates (see link on this page for a few we know about and the link on how to apply your external scholarship to your tuition balance).

Your application to the Lake Superior College Foundation is completed online and consists of several demographic, academic and essay-style questions. You will be asked to upload your most recent college or high school transcript showing your grades as well as a letter of recommendation. You do not need to read through dozens of single scholarship requirements. Your answers to the questions will help volunteer-reviewers score your application and match you to the right scholarship opportunities.

The smallest scholarship this semester is $500. Students in all programs and at all stages of their academic program are eligible to apply.

The Fall 2024 application window opens on Wednesday, April 3, 2024 and closes on Wednesday, May 8 2024. There will be several steps happening behind the scenes after the close date that take several weeks/months. It is anticipated that you will receive an email (the address used in the scholarship application) when the scholarship awards are made in early September.

Additional Scholarship Details

Scholarship funds are deposited on a student’s college account after the semester’s add-drop date. Scholarships are often for just one semester, but several are for a full year and are split between the fall and spring semesters. When award emails are sent, it will explain the type of scholarship you earned.

Scholarships are generally used for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and tools required for coursework. Some scholarships can be used for living expenses too.

Late applications will not be accepted so plan to apply early. Letters of recommendation are not required but highly recommended (almost all students without a letter of recommendation do not receive a scholarship). Asking someone

to write a letter of recommendation is often the most time consuming part of the application process so don’t wait until the last few days to apply.

For specific questions about scholarships, please contact us at .