Complete this brief, 5-minute quiz to find the career clusters and LSC programs that may be a good match for your personality and interests. The quiz ranks which careers and LSC programs you might find most fulfilling based on activities you enjoy, your personal qualities and school subjects you like.

Career Field Pathways

Diagram of Career Clusters. Clusters include Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Arts, Communications, and Information Systems, Engineering, Manufacturing and technology. Health Science. Human Services. Business Management, and Administration.

This utility is adapted from the Guidance Division Survey, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technical Education (2005).

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Activities that describe what I like to do

Check off as many choices that apply to you.

Acquire new information
Adapt to change
Analyze financial information and interpret it to others
Analyze information and interpret it to others
Anticipate needs and prepare to meet them
Apply math to work out solutions
Be in charge
Be in positions of authority
Be involved in politics
Be outdoors in all kinds of weather
Be the leader in a group
Care about people, their needs, and their problems
Communicate easily, tactfully, and courteously
Communicate my ideas to other people
Communicate with different types of people
Concentrate for long periods without being distracted
Create reports and communicate ideas
Debate and win arguments
Design brochures and posters
Design efficient processes
Direct and plan activities for others
Do routine, organized and accurate work
Drive or ride
Experiment to find the best way to do something
Explore new technology
Figure out how things work and investigate new things
Find the answers to questions
Follow guidelines precisely and meet strict standards of accuracy
Follow logical, step-by-step procedures
Give presentations and enjoy public speaking
Go to school
Handle money with accuracy and reliability
Handle several responsibilities at once
Have a flexible schedule
Have a framework of rules by which to operate
Help others with their homework or to learn new things
Help people be at their best
Help people make up their minds
Help people overcome their challenges
Help sick people and animals
Hunt and/or fish
Interact with other people
Interpret formulas
Investigate new places and activities
Learn about other cultures
Learn how things grow and stay alive
Listen to other people's viewpoints
Make business contact with people
Make decisions based on logic and information
Make decisions based on my own observations
Make displays and promote ideas
Make friends with different kinds of people
Make predictions based on existing facts
Make the best use of the earth's natural resources
Move things one place to another
Negotiate, defend, and debate ideas and topics
Observe and analyze people’s behavior
Operate machines and keep them in good repair
Organize activities in which other people enjoy themselves
Participate in community services and/or volunteering
Participate in health and science classes
Pay attention to details and help things be precise.
Perform a variety of duties that may change often
Perform activities that produce tangible results
Perform creative, artistic activities
Perform in front of others
Perform routine, organized activities but can be flexible
Perform work that requires precise results
Persuade people to buy products or to participate in activities
Picture in my mind what a finished product looks like
Plan activities and work cooperatively with others
Plan my work and follow instructions without close supervision
Plan, budget, and keep records
Play an musical instrument
Play video games and figure out how they work
Protect the environment
Put things together
Read and follow blueprints and/or instructions
Read and write
Read technical materials and diagrams and solve technical problems
Reason clearly and logically to solve complex problems
Respect rules and regulations
Respond quickly and calmly in emergencies
See well and have quick reflexes
Shop and go to the mall
Solve mechanical problems
Solve technical problems
Take advantage of opportunities to make extra money
Take pride in the way I dress and look
Think of new ways to do things
Travel and see things that are new to me
Use hand and power tools and operate equipment/machinery
Use machines, techniques, and processes
Use my imagination to communicate new information to others
Use video and recording technology
Visit and learn from beautiful, historic, or interesting buildings.
Visualize objects in three dimensions from flat drawings
Work as a member of a team
Work in a laboratory
Work to meet a deadline
Work under pressure
Work under pressure or in the face of danger
Work with all ages and types of people
Work with computer programs
Work with computers
Work with details
Work with my hands
Work with my hands and learn best that way
Work with numbers
Work with numbers and detailed information
Work with people from preschool age to old age

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