Check your Financial Aid Status and view your Financial Aid Award notification

You can use your StarID account to log into e-Services to check the progress of your application online and view your financial aid award notification.

To access your account, go to the e-Services login page and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your StarID username and password
    • If you have forgotten your information, go to the StarID Self-Service and click on Reset my Password.
  2. From the menu on the left, click on “Financial Aid”
  3. Change the semester to desired semester
  4. Choose the appropriate menu item as explained in the next section.

Menu items

  • AID APPLICATION STATUS – By selecting this link, you can view the most recent activity regarding your financial aid.
    The most common “Financial Aid Status” statements include:

    • No FAFSA on file – We have not yet received information from the Department of Education. LSC receives the information about 3-5 business days after the student receives notification that the FAFSA has been processed. If this comment is listed, you are subject to “drop-for nonpayment”. If you are not certain that you have submitted your FAFSA, log in to StudentAid to confirm. If it has been more than five business days since you submitted your FAFSA, please email or call the Financial Aid Office.
    • IF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING ARE LISTED, YOU ARE SAFE FROM “DROP FOR NON-PAYMENT” as we have received initial information from the Department of Education:
      • Aid Application letter appears – This letter, which we refer to as a tracking letter, lists the items and/or corrections that are needed in order to complete your financial aid file. Please read through this letter carefully, and turn in any requested documents.
      • “Document Review” or “Edit/Verification Review” – LSC staff members are reviewing the information you provided on your FAFSA. This process may take several weeks to complete. If necessary, you will be sent a letter requesting additional information. We may also contact you through your LSC email, so make sure to check this often.
    • EDE corrections transmitted – We found discrepancies between your FAFSA information and the additional information you provided. We have sent a correction to the Department of Education. When the correction has been processed, we will be able to continue processing your financial aid.
    • Ready for packaging/ready for packaging edits – Everything is ready for financial aid awards to be packaged and an award notification will be generated. Check back for further updates.
    • Ready for payment – This comment is misleading. It does not mean that your financial aid will now be paid. This merely means that once the drop-add period has passed for that particular term; your grant/loan funding will be ready for payment. This does mean, however, that an Award Notification has been generated and you may now view the Award Notification in your e-services by clicking on “Financial Aid” and then selecting “Awards by Credit Level”. Please note that if loans are listed on the award notification, you must complete the loan application found on the “Loans” page.
    • Other statements you may see should be self-explanatory. If you are unsure of their meaning, you may contact us at for further explanation.
  • AWARDS – By selecting this link, you can view your financial aid awards for the current award notification. This is not your award notification. However, it will be the most up-to-date information we have. If it is prior to the end of the drop-add period for a specific term, the amounts listed will be based on full time attendance. Any Minnesota Grant eligibility will be based on 15 or more credits. If loans are listed as “estimated”, you have not completed an online loan application. If the loans are listed as “certified”, LSC has processed the loan(s) for the term(s) listed. For a breakdown of your eligibility based on full-time, three-quarter time, half-time, and less-than-half-time attendance, click on “Awards by Credit Level”.
  • COLLEGE FINANCING PLAN – By selecting this link, you can view information about Lake Superior’s Cost of Attendance estimate. If your financial aid application status is “Ready for Payment”, you will also be able to compare this information with your estimated financial aid offer.
  • AWARDS BY CREDIT LEVEL – By selecting this link, you can view your financial aid offer by credit level. This information is considered your award notification. If you need to provide your “award letter” or notification to anyone, such as a scholarship foundation or housing authority, you can download a PDF copy of this page using the “Download PDF” button.
  • LOANS – By selecting this link, you can check and complete loan requirements, including the Loan Agreement/Master Promissory Note and Loan Entrance Counseling. You can also complete a loan request to notify LSC Financial Aid staff that you would like to utilize the federal loans you were offered. If you have already requested your loans, you can review the status of your request. If your loan request is listed as “Processing” or “On Hold”, we are still reviewing your request. It can take 1-2 weeks to review all loan requests. We will contact you via your LSC email address if there is anything that you need to do. Please check your email regularly. If your loan request is listed as “Certified”, that means we have finished reviewing your loan request and it is scheduled for disbursement on the earliest disbursement date possible.
  • OVERAGE/REFUND SELECTION – By selecting this link, you can learn about your options for receiving a financial aid overage refund in the event that you receive more financial aid funds than what you owe to Lake Superior College. To make your refund selection, you will need to visit the third-party provider website and enter the code you received in the mail OR request a new code. To do so, click on “I need a code” and enter the school name, your student ID number, and your school email address. Your student ID is not your StarID and can be found in the upper right when you are logged into e-services. Your school email address is not the username that you use to log in to your email. Most commonly it will be your [email protected]. If you are unsure, log into your email, click on the circle in the upper right, then click the “View Account” link.

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