LSC has more than 30 student interest and program related organizations on campus. Benefits of club involvement include:

  • Networking with students of similar interests and goals
  • Connecting with staff and faculty to create future references
  • Enhance leadership and communication skills
  • Building your resume through civic engagement opportunities

Want to start your own club?

Just find 5 other interested students and fill out the New Student Organization Petition Form and the Club Constitution Form.

Return the forms to Student Life for approval of the Student Senate and President of LSC.

Clubs and Organizations

Mission: to promote mental health awareness on campus

Contact: Roxanne Frederick,

Mission: to provide students the opportunity to study the Bible and pray together.

Contact:  Joel Krochalk,

Mission:  To share the Anime experience with other students.

Contact:  Kat Ramsland,

Mission: To encourage further student art experiences by participation in the Empty Bowl Throw – a-Thon, art conferences and field trips to art museums.

Contact: Cody Olander –

Mission: Play in the pep band and perform at school events.

Contact: Cal Metts,

Band club

Mission: To support the Christian faith of students on campus through meetings and discussions.

Mission: To give students the opportunity to perform on campus and attend workshops. Activities include performances for Veteran’s Day, Student Success Day and Earth Day.

Contact: Cal Metts,

Choir club

Mission: to provide students the opportunity to compete in Clay Target League.

Contact: George Pappas,

Mission: To provide students the opportunity to compete in USA cycling events.

Contact: Greg Daw,

Mission: To provide a safe and inclusive haven for those who support or are part of the community, including those who are transgender and BIPOC.  We will also advocate for and educate on LGBTQ+ matters.

Contact: Lindsy Mason,

Mission: To provide students with good academic standing the opportunity to become members of an honor society of two year colleges.

Contact: Deanna Keller,

Mission: To enlighten students interested in photography through field trips and extra educational activities. Past events include a trip to the Duluth Art Institute and photographing activities on campus. Students are encouraged to showcase their work in the Student Life Center.

Contact: Kat Ramsland –

Mission: to help students grow in their cultural understanding through fun activities, participation in events in our community and state, and make friends with people that they might not have had the chance to meet otherwise.
Contact: Sarah Lyons,

Mission: To provide fellowship and support to all students and their families who have served in the United States Military.

Contact: David Martin,

Program Related Clubs

The following student clubs/organizations serve students currently enrolled in a program specific area.

Mission: To encourage involvement on campus and in the auto body industry.
Contact: Timothy Brandon –

Mission:  To help students learn more about the auto service industry and promote the program in the surrounding community.  Club activities include Lights on for Safety, Jump Start, the LSC Auto Show and various field trips.
Contact: Dean Magnuson,

Mission:  To prepare students for careers in the aviation world through additional educational experiences such as field trips to airports.

Mission: To contribute to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, academics, citizenship and technological skills. BPA students win awards at the national competitions each year.

Contact: Lori Yecoshenko,

Mission: To enhance the educational experiences of students through volunteer work on campus. Past students have donated their time to create web pages and graphics for the student life office as well as hosted gaming events.

Contact: Anup Parajuli –

To engage students in educational activities on campus and in the community.

Contact:  Jerry Erickson,

Mission: To provide cyber security students the opportunity to compete in state, regional and national security competitions.

Contact: Matt McCullough,

Mission: To offer additional educational experiences to dental students on campus and in the community through volunteerism and conferences. Past events include hosting Give Kids a Smile Day for underserved children and teaching students the benefits of brushing at local elementary schools.

Contact Kjersta Watt –

Mission: To educate the community on fire safety and to help students become confident personnel of the fire service through volunteerism and fundraising.

Contact: Chris Cid – and Ben Evans,

Mission: To prepare machine tool and welding students for the job market through competition in the Skills USA program. Past students have won awards for the Styrofoam shredder and north woods fire ring.

Contact: Luke Beise, and Matthew Farchmin,

Mission: To support students in the Medical Laboratory Technician program.  Participate in volunteer activities including performing testing during the health fair, recruiting for blood drives and helping with campus events.  The funds earned through these activities pays for attendance at the Clinical Laboratory Collaborative.

Contact: Virginia Haynes –

Mission: To promote professional and personal growth for nursing students through volunteerism in the community and educational experiences on campus. Past activities include volunteering at Grandma’s Marathon and hosting a nursing conference on campus.

Contact: Jacqueline Semaan –

Mission: To offer additional educational experiences to physical therapist assistant students through community and campus involvement.

Contact: Aaron Hawley,

Mission: To increase the knowledge base of students, organize events, gain leadership skills and promote activities that support the advancement of human behavior and cognition.

Contact: Amanda Delich, or Tara McCoy,

To enhance the educational experience of students in the program through participation in the Knowledge Bowl and other activities.

Contact:  Danielle Vinje,

Mission: To enhance the education of students through participation in the national conference and to promote health on campus through the college health fair.

Contact: Bryan Stark – and Ellie Fournier,

Mission: To provide additional educational opportunities to students in the program.

Contact: Erin Howardson, and Kathleen Terwey,