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Congratulations on your acceptance to Lake Superior College

Your Next Steps...

Sign-Up for a Registration Session

CONGRATS! We’re excited for you to start with us! Your Next Step is to get ready for Registration.

Sign-Up for a Registration Session

Students can choose to register for classes in one of the following ways:

  • In-Person Registration Session (recommended)
  • Hybrid Registration (online orientation and walk-in registration)
  • Independent Registration
  • Note: Signing up for a registration session is currently only available for students starting in Summer 2024 or Fall 2024. If you have been accepted for the Spring 2025 semester, check back in September for registration session dates.

Additional Steps...

Current/Recent High School Graduate?

Please update to: If you graduated high school in the last 5 years, please send your final high school transcript to us. If you were accepted to LSC during your senior year of high school, be sure to send a final high school transcript upon graduation. Transcripts can be sent to: .

Currently enrolled at another college or university?

If you were taking courses at another college/university when you applied to LSC, be sure to send a final official, updated transcript to LSC after grades are posted. If using a secure electronic delivery service, transcripts can be sent to [email protected].

Non-Minnesota Resident? OR Minnesota High School Graduate Prior to 1997?

  • Immunization information must be submitted. Minnesota Law (M.S. 135A.14) requires proof that all students born after 1956 are vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, mumps and rubella.
  • Tetanus vaccinations must be less than 10 years old.
  • Please see your acceptance packet for Immunization Form.
  • Once complete, this can be emailed to [email protected] OR faxed to (218) 733-5945, or mailed.

Accepted on Academic Probation?

Students on Academic Probation must also complete an Academic Success Plan and meet with an advisor or counselor to map out a plan for success at LSC. This must be done prior to registering for classes.

  • Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling (218) 733-7601 (ask for advising). If scheduling an appointment online, please be sure to indicate "Academic Success Plan" under "Reason for Visit."
  • Please complete and return the Academic Success Plan Form to your advisor (if you have been suspended once before) or counselor (if you have been suspended more than once) before your scheduled appointment.

Programs that Require Additional Admissions Criteria

LSC has some programs that require a separate application. Only accepted LSC students who have met the pre-program requirements detailed in the program guide may apply.

View Programs

Background Study Notice

Please be advised that some LSC programs will require a background study for entry into the program. If you have been arrested, charged or convicted of any criminal offense, you should investigate the impact that may have on your chances of employment or your chances to obtain federal, state and other financial aid.

What’s an Academic Advisor and How Can They Help Me?

Most new students meet with an academic advisor during registration. During orientation you’ll review your course choices and the academic advisor will help you register for courses.

Contact an academic advisor. If you will not be attending the on-campus orientation because you are a returning student or would like additional time with an academic advisor, contact Academic Advising (218) 733-7601 (ask for advising) to schedule a 30-minute appointment or email an academic advisor.

Walk-in appointments available. If you need urgent help you’re always welcome to stop into Student Services for assistance.

Advisors help you stay on track for graduation and can discuss with you:

  • Degree requirements
  • Basic financial aid inquiries
  • Petitions
  • Warnings
  • Probation

Student Support Resources...

TRIO Student Support Services

This program assists students with finding the right career, course selection and transferring to a 4-year college or university, assistance with financial aid and understanding your award, budgeting, scholarship searches and applications and much more! Learn more about the TRIO Student Support Services and apply today to find out if you are eligible.

Veterans Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center assists eligible student veterans, active duty personnel, dependents, reservists, and National Guard members with GI Bill benefits and questions regarding state and federal educational benefit programs.

Tutoring and Learning Center

LSC provides FREE tutoring and other academic resources to our students. Tutoring is available online and in-person in various subjects including math, the sciences, English, and study skills. It’s also a great place to hang out and study knowing you can get your questions answered and help when you need it by either one of our professional or peer tutors.

Learn more about the Tutoring and Learning Center

Counseling Services

Academic, Career and Personal Counseling are FREE of charge, to assist you in attaining your personal and educational goals. The LSC Counselor is available in person, and remotely through virtual meetings for your comfort and convenience.

Learn more about Counseling Services

Erickson Library

Learn more about the Erickson Library

Helpful Resources...

Technology Resources

Learn more about eLearning.

Course Placement Information

  • Learn more about course placement.
  • An advisor will check on your placement information and let you know if you have met placement criteria, or if you need to complete something, after you complete the online orientation.

Connect to LSC Through your e-Services Account

What is e-Services?

e-Services is the system you will use to register for courses, view your bill and find financial aid information. You can also use your e-Services to update your contact information, view your grades and print important documents, such as your interactive degree audit report and your academic record (i.e. unofficial transcript).

View Instructions

Financial Aid FAQs

What is financial aid?

Financial aid is money that students use to help pay for their post-secondary education. This money may come from federal, state or private sector sources and may include grants, loans and work study.

Where can I get all the information I need?

You can find complete information about financial aid at the LSC Financial Aid webpage.

How do I find out if I am eligible for financial aid?

You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

If you do not have internet access, contact the Federal Student Aid program at 1-800-433-3243 and request that a paper FAFSA be mailed to you.

Lake Superior College will receive information regarding your FAFSA approximately five business days after you have electronically filed. At that time, we will contact you for any additional information we may need through e-Services, LSC email and mail. Once your file is complete, you will receive (have online access) a financial aid award notification in your e-Services listing the types of financial aid you are eligible to receive.

Which FAFSA should I complete?

The financial aid award year begins in July and ends the following June. You must file a new FAFSA for each award year. The FAFSA for the following award year is available in October prior to the start of the award year.

Where can I get more information about financial aid?

The LSC Financial Aid website has a variety of useful information, including links to the LSC Foundation Scholarship Program, national scholarship searches, government financial aid websites, and other available sources of funding. You may also call the LSC Student Services Center at (218) 733-7601, 1-800-432-2884 ext 7601 or email at [email protected].

Do I have to use my parent’s income when I file?

The Department of Education has defined which students are considered “dependent” on their parents and which students are considered “independent” of their parents. Refer to Section 2 of the FAFSA Worksheet to determine your dependency status. If you cannot answer “yes” to any of the questions, you will be considered a dependent student and will need to provide parent information on the FAFSA. If you can answer “yes” to at least one question in that section, you will be considered an independent student and will not need to provide parent information on your FAFSA.

My parent had to report two year’s prior income on the FAFSA; however, that income has now decreased. Is there anything I can do about that?

Yes. If your parent(s) have had an involuntary loss of either taxed or untaxed income, you may request that a professional judgment be made. This allows financial aid officers to use current year expected income instead of the income that was reported on the FAFSA. Professional judgment forms are available. The professional judgment can only be done after the FAFSA is completed using the designated year’s income information. This is an optional process subject to approval.

My parents have divorced. Which parent’s income should I use on the FAFSA?

Use the parent that you lived with most during the past 12 months. If you did not live with one parent more than the other, use the parent who provided more financial support during the past 12 months, or during the most recent year that you actually received support from a parent. If that parent has remarried, you must provide information using your parent’s and step-parent’s income, even if the step-parent has not supported you.

How do I check the status of my financial aid and view my award notification?

You may check your financial aid status by accessing the e-Services section on the LSC website under “Login.” You will sign into e-Services with your StarID and Password. If you do not have a StarID yet, click on the “Sign Up Now” link on this page and follow the directions. If you need assistance with your StarID, please visit starid.minnstate.edu or call (218) 733-1016. Once you are signed into your e-Services, click on the Financial Aid tab on the left panel to view your status. Click “Change semester” at the top if you wish to view different semesters of your financial aid status.

View additional information or status descriptions.

Attend an Upcoming Semester Kickoff Event

Attending our Semester Kickoff event is a great way to find your classes, get your books, connect with your advisor to make any changes to your schedule, meet with Financial Aid, and get your student ID. It’s a great way to get started off on the right foot.

Upcoming Semester Kickoff Events:

Next Date TBD.

Have You Toured Campus Yet?

Tours are offered most days, Monday – Friday at both 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and we’d love to show you around! You can request a date and time for a tour and also learn about upcoming events.

Learn more about Campus Tours

Housing Options

We recommend securing housing early, as some of our preferred partners fill up quickly.

Learn more about Housing Options

Scholarship Opportunties

Learn about scholarships at LSC, take a few seconds to create an account so that you’re ready to apply. Our primary scholarship application for fall semester opens in mid to late February, but many times there are opportunities to apply for Workforce Development Scholarships at other times throughout the year.

Student Accessibility Services

Schedule a meeting with someone on our Student Accessibility Services team or to learn more about accommodations and/or information in alternative formats.

Learn more about Student Accessibility Services or email

Release of Information Authorization

If you’d like to authorize another party to obtain or discuss any information pertaining to your application, discipline records, financial aid, registration, grades, etc., you must complete a Release of Information Authorization.

Career Services

Career Services is here to help you explore career interests, prepare job applications/resumes, connect with employers and more.

Learn more about Career Services.

Explore Duluth

There is so much to see and explore in Duluth! Enjoy year-round outdoor activities, shopping, the arts, and dining.

Explore Duluth

Student ID

Contact the Student Life Office to find out when you can stop by and get your Student ID (must have a copy of your schedule). Don’t live close by? You can always get your ID by attending a kickoff event before the start of the semester OR when you attend your registration session.

International Students

Students who are attending LSC with a student visa will have to first apply for and receive a student visa before they begin orientation and registration.

View More information on the steps to become a LSC student.

Get Connected...


LSC offers three varsity sports: coed cycling, coed clay target, and both men’s and women’s soccer.

If you’d like to have one of our coaches connect with you, visit the LSC Athletics website and select "Recruits."

Learn more about LSC Athletics.

Student Life

From outdoor programming to intramurals, club sports, student senate, our wellness center, or joining our Campus Activities Board, there’s so many ways to get involved and meet other students on campus!

Learn more about Student Life

Center for Equity and Inclusion

Learn more about the vision, mission, and services of the Center for Equity and Inclusion and providing a safe and welcoming environment for all students, staff, and community members to enhance their intercultural competency.

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