Spring 2020 Tutoring and Learning Center Services

The TLC Staff are available online to continue offering support to LSC students. We are committed to ensuring your success during these times of change. See our Spring 2020 Schedule and Plans webage to connect with us.

All are welcome at the Tutoring and Learning Center!

We provide free tutoring and other academic resources to LSC students. Tutoring is offered in various subjects, including mathematics, the sciences, English, and study skills. See all the available subjects by clicking “Tutor Schedules” below. We also offer study groups in various areas and small study rooms where we encourage small groups to work collaboratively. Need a computer? We have those, too. Come by and connect with a tutor and others who are working through the same classes as you.

The Tutoring and Learning Center is open all year, but tutors are staffed only when classes are in session. Tutor availability varies so please check the tutor schedules.

Stop in! Math and science tutors do not require appointments, but it’s easier to meet with a writing tutor if you schedule an appointment. Calling (218) 733-5927 is the fastest way to do so, but even if you don’t have an appointment, come in and see if a tutor is available.

The Tutoring and Learning Center has the following expectations of students accessing tutoring:

  • Be sure to attend class/labs regularly.
  • You should have attempted the assignment prior to your session with a tutor.
  • Please bring assignment specifications/guidelines to the session and have specific questions prepared to ask the tutor.
  • Note that the tutor’s role is to assist you in learning and understanding the information; it is not their role to help you get your homework done.
  • Remember to plan ahead of your due date so you have adequate time to learn the information and apply that knowledge in order to complete your assignment.
  • Begin using the Tutoring and Learning Center as soon as you experience difficulty with coursework; don’t wait until the end of the semester.
  • Come early, come often!