Lake Superior College partners with area high schools to offer College in the Schools concurrent enrollment courses (college level classes taught by high school teachers in high school classrooms) or Honors Online programs (Lake Superior College courses made available online).

Review the following information and contact your counselor to enroll. We look forward to having you as an LSC student!


  • College in the Schools Handbook
  • Current Students resources: As a College in the Schools or Honors Online student, you are entitled to utilize the same resources and participate in the same activities as regular LSC students. This includes the library, academic advising, counseling, recreational sports, student clubs, and more!
  • Student ID/Tech ID/StarID: If you do not know your student ID (also called a Tech ID), contact your CITS teacher. Your ID is on the official class list. You can also contact LSC’s CITS Coordinator. If you would like to activate your StarID, follow the instructions linked under the “Honors Online Students” section.


  • Save money on highly transferable college courses. By taking college courses in high school, students potentially save thousands of dollars in higher education costs.
  • Get a head-start on in-demand career preparation. Some students graduate from high school with enough credits to earn their A.A. degree.
  • Take rigorous courses and explore content at a deeper level.
  • Continue to participate in high school sports and activities.
  • Receive LSC credit immediately after completing a CITS or HOL course. There is no need to test out of the course, unlike AP.


  • Order a copy of your LSC transcript or have a copy sent to another institution. When prompted, enter your Student ID (also called your Tech ID) rather than your social security number (SSN) unless you are confident you submitted your SSN on your CITS registration. If you enter your SSN and we do not have the number on file, we will be unable to process your request. Your high school has your Student/Tech ID on LSC class rosters, and the CITS Coordinator can also provide your Student ID if you call or email with the email address or phone number LSC has on file for you (i.e. that you entered on your registration form).
  • Find out how credits transfer


  • Seniors must rank in the top half of their high school class or have a cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  • Juniors must rank in the top third of their high school class or have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Sophomores who took the 8th grade MCA reading test and met the composite proficiency level of “meets” or exceeds” may enroll in specific career and technical education (CTE) courses.
  • Students must meet course prerequisites.


The Accuplacer Placement Test is a computerized placement test designed to provide information about students’ reading and math skills. The test determines if students are prepared for college-level course work or if they would require developmental courses.

Contact your high school counselor for Accuplacer testing dates and times or to discuss Accuplacer substitutions.

Class registration

Contact your high school counselor to register for courses.

Honors Online Students