Once the initial drop/add period has ended and the initial Financial Aid pay period has been processed, billings will be sent out to funding agencies. We will bill only for those students that have completed authorizations on file for the current term.

The third party billing process defers the student’s tuition and fees. Students are ultimately responsible for all college costs incurred. An authorization must be submitted each term and must be received in the Student Payment Office before the tuition due date.

If the authorization for payment does not indicate a specific term or expiration date, the effective period will be the current term. The college does not notify the student or agency when authorizations expire at the end of the term or effective date. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate paperwork is received at the Student Payment Office by the appropriate deadlines each term.

After the college receives the authorization for payment, an award is entered on the student’s account. This information indicates the funding source and allows the college’s registration system to process funding and generate third party invoices.

If the college receives a direct check instead of an authorization from a sponsoring agency, the college reserves the right to contact the sponsoring agency in regards to any refund back to the student. If the check exceeds the students’ current charges, the difference will be returned to the sponsoring agency in the form of a check unless we have written consent to issue the refund to the student.

When a sponsoring agency agrees to fund bookstore charges, a copy of the authorization is issued to the student for use in the LSC Store. The charged purchase is posted to the student’s account and later billed to the agency. Students are not allowed to purchase certain items (backpacks, brief cases, clothing, etc.) without the express consent of the sponsoring agency. Bookstore authorizations are for one-time use, and expire if not used by the last day of the drop/add period each semester. Students are not permitted to make repeated purchases throughout the term.

Charging books to Financial Aid

Third party billing statements titled “invoice” are prepared and mailed directly to the sponsoring agency. The college mails invoices approximately 10 days after the last day to drop/add classes in order to limit balance changes after the fact. To prevent overpayments, sponsoring agencies and organizations are asked to refrain from paying from a student fee statement before the last day to drop/add classes.

If you would like to have a third party vendor billed for facility use, contract training, etc., please print the form below and return to Lynn Hawes for processing.