Repaying federal student loans

When you drop below half-time enrollment, graduate or leave school you must repay your federal student loans.

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Federal Direct Loan (Subsidized & Unsubsidized):

As of July 1, 2010, the Stafford Loan program has transitioned into the William D. Ford Federal Direct program. All Federal Direct Loans are now administered through the Department of Education. Get more information on Federal Direct Loans. To take out your Federal Direct Loans, you will need to complete the Loan Request available through your e-Services Account. Log in and select Financial Aid > Loans.

Federal PLUS Loans:

As of July 1, 2010 all PLUS Loans must be administered through the Department of Education.  Parents can borrow a Direct PLUS loan to help pay their child’s education expenses.  The parent must be able to pass a credit check to be eligible to take out this loan; it is only for dependent students.  Get more information on Direct PLUS Loans.

Alternative Loans:

There are several instances when an alternative loan may be necessary:

  • Programs that are not at least 16 credits in length and therefore do not meet the program length requirements for the federal loan programs.
  • Students in high-cost programs may find that federal loan programs do not cover all of their costs.
  • Students enrolled in less than 6 credits and therefore are not eligible for federal loan programs.

There are numerous financial institutions that offer alternative loans.  However, each will offer different terms and interest rates.  Make sure that you research the loan and apply with a reputable institution.  Searching their websites will give you further information regarding their specific alternative loan programs.