What is My Financial Aid Status? (video)

The Financial Aid Process and Your Next Steps (video)

  • If you’re selected for verification, you may need to provide additional information to LSC for us to process your financial aid.
  • Each phase of financial aid processing needs to be complete for that phase to progress to the next phase.
  • Each phase can take about week to process once all documents have been received.
  • Check your Aid Application Status and your LSC email for daily status updates.

View your Award Notification (video)

  • When your FAFSA is complete, you’ll be notified that your award notification is complete.
  • You may be asked how many credits you’re taking in the next semester. View your schedule to confirm the total number of credits in your schedule; then enter that number in the award notification.
  • Grants (if eligible) will apply after add/drop period is over.
  • See instructions on how to accept or decline work study (if applicable).
  • Loan requests: Learn more about Direct Student Loans

Avoid Being Dropped from your Classes (video)

  • Registration Cancellation for Non-Payment (RCFN) is the date you will be dropped from class if you have not made payment arrangements for your courses. It is usually the 2nd day of classes.
  • Bills and Payments will display a red stop sign if you are in danger of your courses being dropped due to RCFN along with the date/time of RCFN.
  • Meet payment requirements by doing any of the following:
    • Fill out a FAFSA.
    • Enroll in a Payment Plan.
    • Complete a third-party payment authorization (from employers, community organizations).
    • Scholarship award winners: if you have a scholarship, provide Financial Aid office with a copy of any scholarship award letters.
    • PSEO and Honors online students: work with your advisor to make sure you’ve filled out all of your required paperwork and to be aware of any balances you’ll have to pay on your own.
    • Military or Veterans: Apply to use Veterans or Military Benefits.
  • Drop any courses you don’t intend to take.

Avoid Late Fees–Ways to Pay Your Bill (video)

  • If your bill is not paid in full by the 25th business day of the semester, you will be charged late fee.
  • Ways to pay:
    • Pay in person at the Student Payment Office using: cash, check, cashier’s check, or money order, credit or debit card,
    • Pay by mail using: check, cashier’s check, money order
    • Pay online using: credit or debit card or e-check
      • We recommend you choose “Payment Toward Total Balance”
      • To pay a portion of the total balance set up a payment plan to avoid late fees
    • Set up a payment plan

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