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5.12 – Tuition and Fee Due Dates, Refunds, Withdrawals and Waivers

Minnesota State Policy

Part 1: Authority. Lake Superior College (LSC) establishes tuition payment policies and procedures in accordance with the Minnesota State Policy 5.12 and System Procedures 5.12.3—Common Framework of Key Payment Related Dates, 5.12.4—Refund of Tuition and Fees, and 5.12.5—Payment Plans.

Part 2: Policy Statement

Subpart A: Tuition and Fee Due Dates. LSC follows the for credit tuition and fees payment due date framework as defined in LSC Procedure 5.12.0. The College shall drop all classes for students who have not paid in full, do not have a financial aid deferment, or have not established a payment plan. The College shall grant an extension of the payment due date for students who have filed and are awaiting properly approved financial aid from federal, state, or other third-party sources.
The student account will be adjusted if tuition and fees are not established at the time of registration.
It is the students’ responsibility to check their balance due online or in person at the Student Payment Office. Students should not rely on invoices to be mailed when determining the current balance due.

Subpart B: Payment Plans. LSC shall provide payment plans for students, permitting them to pay their tuition and fees after the due date, provided the minimum first payment amount is paid as defined in LSC Procedure 5.12.0. The College shall assess a payment plan fee to cover the costs of processing payments consistent with this policy.

Part 3: Registration Cancellation for Nonpayment (RCFN). Students who have not paid their tuition by the published payment deadline will be dropped from all of their classes unless one of the conditions listed in LSC Procedure 5.12, Part 3 (Registration Cancellation for Nonpayment) are met.
Students should not rely on the Registration Cancellation for Nonpayment process to manage their enrollment status. Students who do not plan to attend classes must drop classes online or they will be held responsible for any balance due.

Part 4: Refunds for Dropped Classes. Students are entitled to have the opportunity to attend one class session for each registered, for credit course, without obligation. Subject to the refund for full withdrawal provision of Part 5, students are financially obligated for any classes dropped after the fifth business day of the term, or one business day after the first class session, whichever is later. For purposes of this policy, business days are defined as Monday through Friday (excluding posted holidays).
If a student is financially obligated for a dropped class, the student may petition the college to apply the amount of the tuition and/or fees for the dropped class to the cost of an added class for the current term.
For courses less than three weeks in length, the college has established the no-obligation drop and refund period of no more than one business day after the first class session for each for credit course.
If a fee for a dropped class is for the recovery of costs already incurred by the College, refund of such fees is the decision of the President or designee.

Part 5: Refunds for Total Withdrawals. Upon expiration of the no-obligation period defined in Part 4, the college shall refund tuition and fees for students who totally withdraw from for-credit courses in accordance with the schedule in LSC Procedure 5.12.0.

Part 6: Waivers. The president or designee may waive amounts due to LSC for the following reasons:

  1. Employee Benefit provided by a bargaining agreement
  2. Death of a student
  3. Medical reasons
  4. College error
  5. Employment related condition
  6. Significant personal circumstances
  7. Student leader stipends
  8. Course conditions (A course condition exists when the location or timing of the course results in the student not being able to use the services intended by a fee.)
  9. Natural disasters or other situations beyond the control of the campus
  10. Ward of State
  11. Activated military duty

The President or designee may waive amounts due to LSC for individual institutional waivers as approved by the Board.
The College has determined the terms under which any authorized waiver will be granted (reference LSC 5.12.21 Petition Policy and Procedure).
The college cannot waive the MSCSA student association fee.
In consultation with students, LSC Procedure 5.12.0 was developed to implement this policy.

Part 7: Accountability/Reporting. The College maintains records on refunds, drops, withdrawals, nonattendance, and waivers to ensure accountability and accurate reporting in accordance with applicable procedures.

Date Implemented: January 18, 2001
Date Updated: August 15, 2014