Part 1: Definition

Fresh Start/renewal
Attempted credits and grades earned that are not used in the calculation of a student’s grade point average.

Part 2: Academic Standing Policy

Lake Superior College requires that students make satisfactory academic progress to remain in good standing whether receiving financial aid or not.  Additionally, federal law requires that a recipient of state or federal financial aid make satisfactory academic progress towards a program (AA, AFA, AAS, AS degree, diploma or certificate) to remain eligible for aid.

Part 3: Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Measurement of student satisfactory academic progress is a process that provides feedback to students and ensures responsible action by colleges and universities regarding effective use of state resources. Student academic progress must also be monitored to ensure effective and responsible management of federal and state student financial aid.

Fresh Start/renewal is offered under the Academic Standing Policy but is not allowed under the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. Other aspects of the Academic Standing Policy and the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Policy include maximum timeframe, recognition of fresh start/renewal.

Policy History

Date Implemented:  May 6, 2004; March 16, 2022

Date Reviewed/Updated:  February, 2006, December 21, 2021

President’s Signature Date: March 22, 2022

Lake Superior College's President's Signature