• Faculty Inquiry Group (FIG): FIGs are small groups of faculty members who read a common text that is applicable to teaching best practices. Past topics include equity issues in teaching, engaging students in online courses, syllabi best practices, etc.
  • Mindset Meetup: The Mindset Meetup includes faculty and staff reading a common text and meeting to have discussions around concepts covered in those texts. Past topics include equitable practices and wellness and work.
  • Full-day workshops
  • Coordination of faculty-assigned duty days
  • Consultation and planning portions of the administratively assigned professional development days
  • Asynchronous Online Training Courses: Library and Information Literacy Tutorials, Accessibility, POET

The CFI staff also act as resources for individual assistance to our faculty and staff members in one-on-one meetings.


Video Podcast: No Dumb Questions

No Dumb Questions Season One (2020-2021)

  • Episode One, “Out loud and confused!” (on how to appropriately respond to a student who has come out in class)
  • Episode Two, “Stuck with a silent student” (on how to encourage student participation):
  • Episode Three, “All the same” (on why treating students equally isn’t always the best course of action)
  • Episode Four, “Could I be clearer?” (on what to do if students are confused by your course setup)
  • Episode Five, “Sick of teaching online” (on how to spice up your online teaching when it’s starting to feel like a drag)
  • Episode Six, “Can you see me now?” (on how to react when more and more students stop using their cameras in Zoom)
  • Episode Seven, “Stuck in limbo” (on being sick and tired of the daily grind of the pandemic)
  • Episode Eight, “Plagued by plagiarism” (on how to work with a student who has plagiarized)
  • Episode Nine, “Sticking with science” (on how to redirect students when they are getting too opinionated in online discussion boards)
  • Episode Ten, “Not so sorry about chatting” (on why it’s good to take class time to chat about random things with your students)
  • Episode Eleven, “Due dates overview” (on what we mean when we’d like to see everyone have a “Due Dates Overview” in their online courses for spring)
  • Episode Twelve, “Grading Grinch?” (on how to avoid the stress and guilt of finals grading)
  • Episode Thirteen, The Ghosted Instructor (on what do when your students stop showing up)
  • Episode Fourteen, Head Scratching Online Teacher (on how to help students learn independently online)
  • Episode Fifteen, The Acronym-Confused Faculty (on how to navigate the college and system abbreviations and codes)

No Dumb Questions Season Two (2021-2022)

Student and Instructor Podcast: Going There