The Center for Faculty Innovation space on campus houses a casual gathering space, a conference room with a TV that is AirTame enabled, a copy machine and computer tied to a printer, and a variety of materials and books to support your teaching. The CFI also houses Stacy Leno and Kelli Hallsten Erickson’s on-campus office spaces. 

The Center for Faculty Innovation at Lake Superior College

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Student Reviews of Online Courses

Lake Superior College has received a major grant from Minnesota State to pursue a project where students review online courses in which they are not enrolled.

Why this project?

If our goal is improvement of the student experience in online courses, we should listen to the students!

CFI staff collaborated with our Tutoring and Learning Center to implement a process for getting this great feedback on our courses and to make improvements based on those suggestions. Faculty offer up their courses for review and work with CFI staff after receiving student feedback, making meaningful changes to their online course to improve student engagement and the student user experience.

This collaborative process can be used on your campus! For more information, visit the Program for Online Excellence in Teaching (POET).


Because Lake Superior College believes that an investment in faculty is an investment in student success, the Center for Faculty Support and Innovation develops, facilitates, and promotes a comprehensive professional development program for faculty and staff designed to support a dynamic teaching and learning environment.


The Center for Faculty Innovation is the cornerstone for faculty professional development, wherein faculty feel valued as content specialists and professionals in their fields by students, staff, and administration.  The CFI understands the importance of continuous improvement as an AQIP institution in faculty performance as instructors and colleagues, and by harnessing the power of each other’s expertise along with outside resources, including other colleagues in the Minnesota State system and local institutions, we can provide effective instruction in the online, on ground, and hybrid formats for our students.