Give yourself at least three (3) weeks prior to any booking deadlines to get paperwork, signatures and PO’s in place.

What to do first?

What to do next?

  • Gather documents needed, including quotes, Agenda, Roster, etc.
  • Request funds via email to Shannon Fries, using the PO Request info sheet. Please, keep in mind that Student Club funds can only be used for student travel.  Advisors and Chaperones must request funds from other sources, Perkins or Department funding.

When PO’s are in place?

  • Time to book! Advisors do all the booking, registering, etc.  If you need access to an LSC Credit Card, you can schedule an appointment with a card holder, usually Shannon Fries.
  • KEEP ALL RECEIPTS! Plus, email all receipts to the Purchase Order creator/Cardholder.

 What to do after the travel?

  • Turn in all receipts to Purchase Order creator/Cardholder.
  • Turn in Employee Expense Report to the Business Office for any meals, miles, etc. reimbursement. Students use the same form.  Include all receipts.

Miscellaneous FYI:

  • If renting or driving a High Occupancy Vehicle, you will first need to complete HOV Training as well as a Vehicle Use Agreement form. Contact Shannon Fries to book HOV Training.

Contacts you may need:

  • Shannon Fries, Asst. to the Dean of Students –
  • Wade Gordon, Dean of Students –
  • Linda Kingston, VP of Academic Affairs –
  • Jill Murray, Perkins Coordinator –