Honor Students are honored at the end of each year at Lake Superior College. Areas of honor include:

  • Student of the year for each program
  • Student employee of the year
  • Student Senator of the year
  • Student Club of the year
  • Students who excelled at competitions
  • Student Athlete of the year

For more information, contact: studentlifeteam@lsc.edu

Lake Superior College Honor Students –  May, 2020

Academic Student of the Year Awards

Allied Health and Nursing, Anna Sackette-Urness, Dean

Andrea Carrothers, Respiratory Therapy
Andrea was nominated by Cynthia Annable and Bryan Stark because she is an excellent student, setting a high standard for herself and leading and lending a hand with her peers.  She does a great job in the clinical setting, showing compassion while caring for her patients.

McKenna Hatlewick, Radiologic Technology
McKenna was nominated by Britni Hardy because of her great character traits:  intelligence, kindness, patience and compassion. She is a leader among her peers and never complains about the workload.  She was destined to be in the health care field.

Hannah Kovac, Nursing, Advanced Standing, LPN
Hannah was nominated by the nursing faculty because she is professional, caring, humble and helpful to her classmates.  She is devoted to nursing and volunteered to represent her class at faculty and advisory meetings.

Samantha Lisdahl, Practical Nursing
Samantha was nominated by the nursing faculty because of her high level of accountability and professionalism in both the class and clinical settings.  She is thorough, kind and efficient in her patient cares.

Riley McGreevy, Nursing
Riley was nominated by the nursing faculty because she is an impressively motivated and diligent student.  She provides invaluable tutoring as the professional nursing tutor in the Tutoring and Learning Center.

Katelyn Pfaff, Dental Hygiene
Katelyn was nominated by the Dental Hygiene faculty because she is a natural leader that her classmates look up to and appreciate.  She exhibits professionalism, respect, kindness and empathy to every patient and remains poised even in difficult situations. Katelyn also served as co-president of the Dental Hygiene Club.

Olivia Warpula, Massage Therapist
Olivia was nominated by Cassandra Jordan because of her leadership and participation in lectures and labs.  Her excellent grades, professionalism with clients, massage therapy skills and positive attitude make her the best choice for student of the year.

Business and Industry, Brad Vieths, Dean

Beth Dinnan, ADSC General Office Specialist, Information Processing and Office Assistant
Beth was nominated by Dianne Mencel because she will graduate with six degrees in the office support area.  She has great school spirit and leadership skills fostered by helping her fellow students in class.

Paul Fye, Network Administration and Cybersecurity
Paul was nominated by Vickie McLain and Matt McCollough because he has consistently remained one of the top students in the program academically.  As president of the Cybersecurity Club, his leadership helped the team place 3rd in the Collegiate Cybersecurity Defense Competition.

Lydia Harvey, Accountant
Lydia was nominated by Jeri Brysch and Lori Yecoshenko because of her dedication to her studies and drive to excel.  Her leadership skills, combined with her commitment, independence and enthusiasm will serve her well as she completes her accounting degree.

Ryan Lammi, ELTN – Industrial Controls
Ryan was nominated by Craig Wiermaa because he takes a leadership role in class, sharing his knowledge with others while perfecting his skills.  He arrives early to class, works steadily and often stays after to help others.  Ryan’s ability to work and attend to his studies is a testament to his dedication to excellence.

Oteila McCrudden, ADSC General Office Specialist, Information Processing and Office Assistant
Oteila was nominated by Dianne Mencel because she will be graduating this spring with her certificate, diploma and AAS with a GPA close to 4.0.  She is intelligent, caring and achieves the goals she sets.

Liberal Arts and Sciences, Jamal Adams, Dean

Adison Smith, Eco-Entrepreneurship Program
Randel Hanson, Mike Mageau and Glenn Merrick nominated Adison because of his intelligence, reflectivity and experiences he brings to his studies.  Adison earned a 3.92 GPA and consistently elevated the discourse and overall learning of other students in class via his discussions and observations. Adison was a leader in developing the Living Lab and served as president of the Eco-Entrepreneurship Club.

Katie Licari, English
Katie was nominated by Jocelyn Pihlaja for her intelligence, admirable work ethic and inspiring passion for literature. Tim Larsen also found her to be a standout, calling her “among a handful of the very best students I have taught in my years at LSC”.  Katie also served as Vice President of Service for the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and volunteered to help in the planning and coordination of the Clayton, Jackson McGhie Day of Remembrance.


Leadership Distinction Program Awards:

Matt Whitehill, Coordinator

Heavin Aikey

Benjamin Andres

Jo Busick

Misael Cardoso Ortiz da Silva

Alexis Cran

Alexis Hanson

Zachary Johnson

Nathaniel Perkio

Paola Ramirez Gonzalez

Martin Schmidt


Diversity Distinction Program Awards:

Marsha Lue, Coordinator

Dustin Blacketter

Aikima Israel

YuSia Moua

Stefanie Munson

Mykayla Olson

Bria Skow


Certificates of Achievement:

Phi Theta Kappa, Deanna Keller Advisor

All Minnesota Academic Team Awards

Misael Cardoso Ortiz da Silva

Alysha Grow

Daniel Kimball

Carolyne Strobel


Business Professionals of America, Lori Yecoshenko, Advisor

State Leadership Conference and Competition Awards

Colemann Buckli

Jo Busick

Quinn Facile

Lydia Harvey

Kaylie Inscho

Phineas Kiprop

Taylor Noyes

Nicole Smith


Cybersecurity Club, Vickie McLain, Advisor

Minnesota Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Awards

Reese Benson

Cameron Birkland

Caden Chartier

Daniel Childs

Paul Fye

Andrew Orobona

Christopher Rider

Sally Sykora

Braden Thom


Radiologic Technology Club, Danielle Vinje, Advisor

Minnesota Association of Radiologic Students Knowledge Bowl Awards

Alyssa Miketin


Student Life Awards

Virginia Haynes, Club Advisor of the Year – Medical Laboratory Technology Club

Virginia was nominated by MLT Club President, Ali Hammer because she is a great program director and person.  Ali described Virginia as protective, supportive, caring and always helpful toward her students.


Mystic Raddatz, Club Officer of the Year – LGBTQ+ Club

Mystic was nominated by Advisor, Lindsy Mason, because she is an innovative, creative and compassionate leader.  Mystic took time out of her busy schedule to work toward club goals by scheduling and attending meetings, volunteering for events and communicating with others on campus regarding issues that are important to her and her club.


Choir Activities – Club of the Year, Brooklyn Lopez, President

Cal Metts, Advisor

The Choir Club was the most active club on campus and in the community this year.  They sang for Veterans Day, registered people for the blood drive, taught the daycare children about music and performed carols at the Edgewood Vista holiday party.  Members of this club were enthusiastic about volunteering to help at Student Life events and were a great addition to our campus climate.


Christian Pereira Gomes De Quadros – Student Senator of the Year

Kent Voelkner, Advisor

Christian served as President of the Student Senate during one of the most successful and productive years.  He has been a calming influence during these uncertain times and a strong advocate for students.  Christian organized Food Insecurity Week to promote the LSC food shelf on campus to benefit all students.


Student Athletes of the Year

Jarves Hunt, Men’s Basketball

Coach Chuck Tolo nominated Jarves because he received two outstanding post season awards.  He was named to the Northern All Division Team and the MCAC All State Team, which was comprised of the top 14 players in Minnesota.  Jarves was also named MCAC Northern Division Athlete of the Week in January.


Bailey Wheeler, Women’s Basketball

Coach Adam Johnson nominated Bailey because she was named to the MCAC North Division 2nd Team and the MCAC All-State 2nd Team.  Bailey served as team captain this season and was named Teammate of the Year during the 2018-2019 season.


Student Employee of the Year

Sabrina Keyes, Dental Clinic

Kjersta Watt nominated Sabrina because she has been an invaluable asset to the program for the past two years.  She is a team player that jumps right in when she sees something needs to be done.  Sabrina is also quick to volunteer to help classmates and happy to take on whatever task is required of her.

Thank you for your dedication to your studies and the LSC campus community!