You will need to log in to use your PaperCut account to print in the library. To add more money to your account you will need to go to the Student Payment Office.

Printing in black-and-white is 5 cents per page. Printing in color is available in the Technology Support Center and the Copy Center. Printing in color is 50 cents per page.


Patrons with LSC email accounts may scan and send documents to the Library’s copy machine for printing.

Technology Support Center

The Technology Support Center is a computer lab located at E1001. There are 30 computers for student and community member use. You can get help with printing, software use, and general computer assistance in the Technology Support Center.


Patrons can access the LSC wireless network from the Library.


Students may check out headphones at the Circulation Desk for in Library use.

Off-Campus Library Database Access

Accessing library databases from off-campus works best with Internet Explorer.

When logging-in to use the library databases, a pop-up window will prompt you for your Username and Password.

  1. First, try your StarID and password to access the library databases from off-campus.
  2. If number 1 doesn’t work, try your LSC Student ID card. Your LSC Student ID card is also your Library Card. To access the databases, look at the back of your ID card and locate the 14-digit number. This is your Library Barcode. If necessary, you may fill out a Request Form to get your barcode.
  3. You should now be in the library databases.

Contact the library if you are having off-campus library database log-in problems.

Things to try:

  • Type everything carefully. Your barcode is 14 digits beginning with 21276…
  • Proxy access will not work if you try to access the sites from a location with an institutional firewall (such as from your place of employment). The product will work on your home computer if you use a personal firewall product (i.e. MacAfee or Symantec), but you may have to change the security level.
  • You must be a currently enrolled student at Lake Superior College and must have an active library account. If you have any enrollment or library holds on your records your account may be temporarily inactive. Please call the library main number if necessary.