The following policies of Erickson Library are provided as a convenience to library patrons. Note: It is not an exhaustive list of policies of the library.

Quiet Library

Erickson Library offers library and research services that also serves as a research hub and quiet place for studying. Individuals who need to collaborate with others should check out a group study room or to use the Shared Group Study Room L154. Jump down to group study rooms.

Computer Use

Faculty, staff, students, and community users need to adhere to the LSC Policies set forth by Lake Superior College and the Minnesota State Board. View LSC Policies

Cell Phone Use

Erickson Library is a quiet place for study, research, and reading. The use of cell phones can be disruptive to those who are using the library and its resources. But, there may be times when patrons need to use their phone. Therefore, step into a Group Study Room that isn’t in use or keep your conversation brief with a soft voice. View LSC Policies.

Food and Beverages

Food and snacks can be problematic due to clean-up and potential infestations resulting from having food in the library.. However, we realize that folks need energy so food is welcome as long as you clean up after yourself and let us know of any spills or cleaning needed. Covered beverages (i.e. any container with a lid such as water bottles, thermos, beverages with a twist cap, etc.) are allowed.

Study Rooms

There are 9 study rooms available for groups to meet and collaborate in an environment conducive for group work. There are 7 technology-enhanced group study rooms with large screen monitors that allow students to work collaboratively on projects and papers. The rooms are checked out at the Circulation Desk or by reserving ahead via the online Group Reservation link on the library’s homepage using your StarID for a 2-hour loan period and may be renewed if no one else is waiting to use a room. There is 1 Shared Group Study Room meant for groups and individuals to use. Go in and use this Shared Group Study Room without needing to check it out with your Student ID card.

Loan periods, fines, renewals