Troubleshoot your StarID issues with the following steps or contact LSC Technical Support for help.

  1. Check your StarID username format. Your username should use this format:
  2. Sign in to confirm your profile works. If successful, you’ll see your name on the confirmation page. You may be asked to set up additional Security Questions.
  3. Reset your StarID password:
    1. Click: I know my Tech ID (8 digit student ID).
    2. Enter your Tech ID (found on the back of your ID card).
    3. Choose Lake Superior College.
    4. Click: Continue.
    5. Enter your Social Security Number.
    6. Click: Continue.
    7. Create a new password.
    8. Check the Acceptable Use of Computers policy acknowledgement.
    9. Click: Set Password.

Still need help?

Get more help on the Minnesota State StarID website