The Accuplacer placement test is an untimed computerized test that determines your course placement. Resources to help you prepare are listed below. For certain math questions, a calculator (if required) will pop up on the screen. Personal calculators and the use of cell phones are not allowed. Contact the LSC Testing Center at either (218) 733-7602 or for more information.

College Level Placement Information Based on Accuplacer Scores
For courses requiring college level: Next Generation Accuplacer required score:
Reading 250 OR
236 with
HS GPA of 2.5
Mathematics AAF** 250 OR
AAF** 236 with
HS GPA of 2.7
2.7 HS GPA

*Reading Accuplacer scores are good for five years. Mathematics Accuplacer Scores are good for two years. HS GPA is good for ten years.
**Advanced Algebra and Functions

Additional Course Placement Based on Accuplacer Scores
ENGL/READ: Next Generation Accuplacer required score:
0950 Reading 200-235
0955 Reading 236-249
Additional Course Placement Based on Accuplacer Scores
MATH: Next Generation Accuplacer required score:
ABE 310 Pathways QAS* 200-219 &
Arithmetic 200-236
ABE 301 Pre-Algebra QAS* 200-219 & Arithmetic 237-249 OR
QAS* 220-250 & Arithmetic 200-236
MATH 0950 QAS* 200-219 & Arithmetic 250-269 & Reading 236+ OR
QAS* 220-250 & Arithmetic 237-269 & Reading 236+
MATH 0955 QAS* 200-236 & Arithmetic 270-300 & Reading 236+ OR
QAS* 237-249 & Arithmetic 237-300 & Reading 236+ OR
QAS* 250-300 & AAF** 200-236 & Reading 236+
MATH 0970 QAS* 250-300 & AAF** 237-300
MATH 0980 QAS* 237-249 & Arithmetic 270-300 OR
QAS* 250-300 & AAF** 200-236
MATH 0982 QAS* 250-300 & AAF** 237-300
MATH 1105 QAS* 250-300 & AAF** 237-300
MATH 1115 QAS* 250-300 & AAF** 237-300

*Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics
**Advanced Algebra and Functions

Preparing for the Accuplacer Placement Test

How will the test scores be used?

While you should try to do your best on this test, please keep in mind that there is no passing or failing score.  With the exception of PSEO and Ability to Benefit students, the results will not be used for admission.  Your score in each portion of the test indicates whether or not you need any developmental courses prior to starting your program.  Placement into developmental courses based on your scores is mandatory.  This may limit your course selection and/or entry in your program.  Please note: You are allowed to re-test once in a calendar year.  If you choose to do so, there is a $5 fee.

How long does the Accuplacer Placement Test take?

The test is not timed. Each portion of the test is multiple choice with 20 questions in Reading and College Level Math and 12 questions in Elementary Algebra. You have as much time as you need to do your best.

Do I have to take the test at LSC?

No, you are welcome to take the placement test at the nearest Community or Technical College. This will allow you to test closer to home. If you choose to do so, contact us to create a “Voucher” for you: or (218) 733-7602. (Sites will not let you test without the “Voucher.”)  All test sites have different hours of operation, so you’ll need to check that with them.

What if I need additional services?

If you are a student with a documented disability that requires accommodations for testing, please contact Student Accessibility Services to arrange an appointment. (Documentation should be current, within the past three years.)

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