Title IX requires that institutions that receive Federal funding allow for equal treatment in three aspects of athletics: participation opportunities, athletic scholarships, and treatment of student athletes and teams (sometimes known as the “laundry list”).

Participation is the first prong of Title IX and it requires that participation opportunities are equitable to enrollment statistics. What is commonly known as the “three-part test” was established to evaluate institutional compliance with the Title IX participation prong (learn more about the three-part test).

Athletic scholarships are not valid at Lake Superior College. We are a members of the National Junior College Athletic Association Division III which is non-scholarship.

The third prong is treatment. Treatment includes practice schedules, facilities, equipment, supplies, publicity, coaching, budgets, and other areas that contribute to the experience of the student athlete. Title IX does not require that each team receive exactly the same treatment, but it looks at the entirety of the treatment the programs receive as a whole.

Learn more information about Title IX and athletics.

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA)

Institutions of higher education that participate in any Federal student financial aid program and have intercollegiate athletics programs must provide information concerning their intercollegiate athletics programs in compliance with the U.S. Department of Education requirements to ensure equity in athletic programming. A paper copy of the report can be requested by contacting Lake Superior College at [email protected].

This act and accompanying Federal regulations require the following information, based on the previous reporting year, be available to students, prospective students, and the public for inspection by October 15 each year.

Pregnancy and Parenting Students

Title IX protects students in all the academic, educational, extracurricular, athletic, and other programs or activities of institutions from gender discrimination. This includes discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth, termination of pregnancy, or recovery from any of these conditions. Further, students should not receive harassment, opportunities, or lack of assistance based on their pregnancy.

In compliance with this, Lake Superior College is committed to treating students affected by pregnancy and related medical concerns the same as students similarly affected by temporary disabilities. These include but are not limited to:

  • Absences must be excused in conjunction with doctor’s permission
  • Students must be given a reasonable amount of time to complete missed classwork
  • Services for temporarily disabled students must be offered to pregnant students

Lake Superior College provides a Mother’s Room/Quiet Room for breastfeeding and diaper changing needs. For more information including locations and access please click see our Resources section.

Gender Discrimination

Gender is a protected class under Title IX of the Educational Amendments. This class encompasses discrimination based on a student’s gender identity, including discrimination based on a student’s transgender identity. Lake Superior College commits to not exclude, separate, deny benefits to, or otherwise treat individuals differently on the basis of gender or sex.

It is important for LSC to create a safe, comfortable, and inclusive environment. This aspiration drives allowing students to participate consistent with their gender identity. This includes student records (including a preferred pronoun policy), gender-neutral restrooms, and activities.

Should you experience gender discrimination on campus you can contact and of our Title IX Coordinators. Learn more about the gender discrimination process.