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3.38.1 – Procedure – Career Information

Minnesota State Procedure

Part 1: Purpose.
This procedure provides direction in implementing Policy 3.38 Career Information to provide information on career exploration and job opportunity information to occupational program students.

Part 2: Definition. For purposes of this procedure, occupational programs are technical and professional academic programs that prepare students for employment.

Part 3: Policy. Lake Superior College shall provide information on career exploration and job opportunities to all prospective and enrolled students in occupational programs as listed below:

  1. Applicants will be directed to websites during the online admission application process.
  2. New students will be provided with information during the student orientation process
  3. Enrolled students will be notified of the availability of resources on an annual basis.
  4. The college’s websites shall make career and job prospect information readily available.
  5. Curriculum on career exploration shall be offered to all interested students.

Part 4: Evaluation. Lake Superior College shall provide information required by the Office of the Chancellor to evaluate the effectiveness of its efforts to provide career exploration and job prospect information to students.

Date Implementation: April 1, 2010