Thanks to our thoughtful donors, the Lake Superior College Foundation can make an Emergency Loan for a student so they can stay enrolled for the semester and your account doesn’t go into default.

  1. Complete the application (link below).
  2. Loan amount is determined by the LSC Tuition/Business Office based on a percentage of what you owe (up to $300)
  3. Loan is for tuition and fees only.
  4. Funding is limited.
  5. Each student is eligible for one loan per semester (fall, spring, summer)
  6. The student must be enrolled for the current semester at Lake Superior College.
  7. This is a zero-interest loan the student repays as arranged by the LSC Tuition/Business Office, which is typically by the end of the current semester.
  8. If your loan is approved by the LSC Foundation, the Tuition/Business Office will work with the student to create a payment plan.
  9. Failure to follow the repayment plan can result in the amount being sent for collections with the State of Minnesota and/or a private collection agency, which will result in additional fees and charges.