Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs
Higher Education Veterans Program

The Veterans Resource Center assists eligible student veterans, active duty personnel, dependents, reservists, and National Guard members with GI Bill® benefits and questions regarding state and federal educational benefits programs. This on-campus office is available to you and your family members if you are a:

  • Veteran
  • Current military member
  • Dependent

Contact the Veterans Resource Center with your concerns or questions about:

  • VA benefits
  • Employment
  • Family assistance
  • Transition issues

Veterans Assistance

Lake Superior College and its employees adhere to system and State policy/statute regarding ethical behavior (see policy and procedures links below).  The policy prohibits acceptance of gifts and provides conflict of interest guidelines, including “using your position to secure any advantage that is not available to the public”.  In addition, Lake Superior College employees are required to complete annual Code of Conduct Training for Minnesota State outlining ethical behavior and practices. Lake Superior College recruiters are covered under the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE) Union which prohibits bonuses and incentives as a part of their compensation referenced below (pages 82-84).  Recruiters and staff are prohibited from misrepresenting Lake Superior College, prohibited from using unethical or aggressive recruiting practice and also prohibited from accepting payment or incentive for taking part in those activities.

Lake Superior College also commits to and complies with the VA Principles of Excellence. 

All these policies, procedures, statutes and agreements above would prohibit the use of aggressive and dishonest recruiting tactics.