Fall 2023

  • Career Exploration
    Presented by Kaitlyn Taggart, LSC Career Services Director
    Not sure what program or career you want to pursue? Join to learn about a variety of tools and resources to start your career exploration journey.
  • Enhancing Mental Wellness
    Presented by Amy Fullerton, LSC Director of Mental Health
    What is mental wellness, and what are some ways we can help ourselves take care of our mental health?  Come and learn some easy strategies and share your favorite self-care activities.
  • Become a Confident Writer
    Presented by Tutor.com
    In this webinar, we share simple steps you can take to gain confidence in your writing. We go over how to analyze writing assignment instructions, find and properly utilize scholarly resources, scrutinize a rubric to get the best grade possible, apply instructor feedback to become a better writer and strengthen your ability to express your ideas if you are an English Language Learner.
  • Self-Care: Tips for a Healthier You!
    Presented by Roxanne Frederick, LSC Health and Wellness Coordinator

Spring 2023

  • Keynote: DBT Emotion Regulation Principles: How Understanding Emotions Can Promote Success
    Presented by Erica Gagnon BA, RN, MAC
    Erica Gagnon will share with the LSC campus community how understanding the emotions of yourself and others can help promote success in and outside the classroom. Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT) principles of validation and problem-solving can benefit all in any situation.
  • MNsure Made Easy: how to get your own health insurance
    Presented by Alyssa Peoples & Joe Murphy, MNsure-certified navigators
    Two local MNsure navigators will de-mystify what MNsure is and how to use it to get health insurance. If you are uninsured or losing coverage from a parent or job soon, this presentation is for you. The navigators will explain the coverage options available, how to sign up, and where to go in Duluth for free help with enrollment or questions.
  • Winning the Big Ones
    Presented by Deanna G. Keller, LPN, CTT, MA, LSC Faculty
    What does it take to win scholarships? What does it take to win the big ones? Deanna shares the tips and tricks she used to win thousands of dollars in scholarships, including both a PTK Guistwhite and Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate transfer scholarship. She has also served as a PTK scholarship judge for over seven years.
  • PTK 101 (Phi Theta Kappa)
    Presented by Deanna G. Keller, LPN, CTT, MA, LSC Faculty
    Phi Theta Kappa is the international honors society for 2-year colleges. What does joining our active chapter do for your resume and/or transfer plans? Presented by current PTK advisor and PTK alumni.

Fall 2022

  • Test-Taking Strategies with Professor Z 
    Presented by Nik Zhelev, Adult-Gerontological Nurse Practitioner & LSC Nursing Faculty
    This session is intended for students who are in the allied health and nursing field. It will be tailored to nursing students, but all students are welcome to attend. Please contact Nik Z for the “laminated sheet” at [email protected].
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  • Keynote: Waging Peace: The Power of Unlikely Success
    Presented by: Diana Oestreich
    Diana Oestreich is an author, veteran, activist, peacemaker, and Lake Superior College graduate. She served as a combat medic for 397 days on the battlefield of the Iraq war. She earned her nursing degree from Lake Superior College, working with hospice and cancer patients before becoming a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner connecting healthcare to advocating in the justice system. Her book Waging Peace: One Soldier’s Story of Putting Love First was Amazon’s #1 new release in war and peace.
    PDF slides
  • Talk on Weight
    Presented by Nik Zhelev, Adult-Gerontological Nurse Practitioner & LSC Nursing Faculty
    Over the last 8 years as a nurse practitioner, I have learned a lot about obesity. The greatest lesson has been that small changes can yield great results in weight loss and huge improvements regarding other comorbid conditions. I’ve compiled a list of strategies for weight loss from multiple healthcare professionals, patients, and experts on the subject. If you wish to get my personal notes on the subject, please stop by this information session.
    PDF slides
  • Career Services:  How can we Help You
    Presented by Kaitlyn Taggart (formally Steffen), LSC Career Services Director
    Join the director of career services here at LSC to learn about resources available to you with your resume & cover letter, Handshake (LSC’s platform to find jobs), assessments to learn about your work values, work personality, and more!
  • LSC SSD Cybersecurity Cornucopia
    Presented By Matthew McCullough, LSC Faculty
    Breaches, hackers, cyber warfare, passwords, MFA….pumpkins, apples, gourds.  Come join us for a wide-ranging talk on cybersecurity topics!  Are you interested in working in cybersecurity?  Maybe want to learn more about how to secure your digital life. Those recent news stories you heard about…yup we’ll touch on those!  Or just want to try some cybersecurity games?  This interactive session will bounce all around the ever-growing field of cybersecurity and leave you with some tools and tasks to help secure you and your family and some fun games to try out while eating that Fall apple crisp!

Please note: A StarID is required to view these recordings as they are only available to LSC staff and employees.

Spring 2022