1. Meet with an Advisor

    Discuss educational goals
    Determine the type of degree that best meets your educational goal by talking to an advisor and by researching your career. If you plan to transfer to complete a four-year baccalaureate degree, it is extremely important to plan your courses and program carefully since not all associate degrees or programs are designed for transfer. See Minnesota Transfer for the types of associate degrees that transfer.

    Planning to eventually transfer out?
    Transfer guides are available to help you choose courses that satisfy general education/major requirements at universities.

    Review whether prior courses transfer to LSC
    Prior to applying to LSC, you can find out how credits transfer.

    Visit the Transfer Action Plan website for further details.

    2. Apply to LSC if you have not already done so

    After you apply, a transfer evaluation will occur. This will determine whether your previous coursework is equivalent to that at Lake Superior College. In order to be considered equivalent, a course must be at least 75% comparable in content. We will mail you a packet containing a Degree Audit Report. It will outline how your courses transferred in to your program(s).