A student may request a temporary grade of incomplete “I” when coursework has been satisfactory and the majority of coursework has been completed but the student is unable to complete all of the requirements before the end of the semester.


  1. Contact your faculty member to see if an incomplete is appropriate.
  2. If yes, review what coursework is needed and the timeline for completion.
  3. The faculty member will initiate the “Incomplete Grade Request” form found in the Employee portal.
  4. The student will receive the “Incomplete Grade Request” form via their LSC email for review/approval.
  5. Once submitted, the student and faculty member will receive a copy of the completed “Incomplete Grade Request.”
  6. If no grade change is reported to the Registrar’s Office, the grade will automatically change to a grade of “F” at the conclusion of the following semester (not including summer).


  1. Go to the Employee Portal
  2. Click on “Academics and Faculty” from the top menu of options
  3. Navigate to the “Student Records and Registration” section to find the “Incomplete Grade Request” form
  4. Complete the form. The due date cannot exceed the end of the next semester. If you select an earlier due date, be aware that the grade will not actually change unless you as the faculty member submit a grade change in eServices. If it remains unchanged at the end of the next semester, it will automatically change to a grade of “F.”
  5. After the “Incomplete Grade Request” has been completed by the faculty member, it will automatically route to the student for review/approval.
  6. Once the student reviews/approves, a final copy will be sent to the student and the faculty member.