Dean of Students

Welcome to the Dean’s Office!

The Dean of Students Office provides an array of resources to support Lake Superior College students by promoting a supportive and socially responsible campus community, advocating for the needs of all students, encouraging student success and accountability, and providing crisis services and conflict resolution.

The Dean of Students office serves as a safe space for all students and employees and is available in person or virtually.  Our Office plays a critical role in assisting students in navigating the campus environment by providing services and resources that enrich a students’ personal and educational development.  We are here to build a strong and safe campus community for all.

Whether you are a student, a faculty member, or staff, we are here to support you!
Our staff advocates for students and assists them in making positive connections with faculty, staff, and other students.  We also provide support for a variety of student concerns, including illness, academic trouble, and other personal emergencies.  We truly want the Dean’s Office to be your office, where everyone is welcome!

Dean of Students Departments: