What happens if I have an incomplete grade?

A grade of “I” is to be assigned only in exceptional circumstances and is a temporary grade. A student who wishes a grade of “Incomplete” must arrange this grade with the instructor concerned (it is not issued by the records office). An Incomplete grade will change to an “F” at the end of the spring or fall semester immediately following the semester the Incomplete was earned if requirements have not been satisfactorily met. Instructors have the option of setting an earlier completion date. When an Incomplete is finished, it is up to the instructor to initiate a grade change with the records office.

Where can I find my Grade Point Average (GPA)?

On your unofficial transcript, you can find your GPA for a specific term, or your cumulative GPA after a specific term or for your time at LSC. After the list of courses for a given term, there are lines labeled UNDG Term and **** Cum. The GPA listed in the line for UNDG Term is your GPA for that specific term. The **** Cum GPA is your cumulative GPA for all LSC courses up to that time. The last section of your transcript is Career Undergrad Summary – The GPA listed here is your final cumulative GPA for your time at LSC.

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How many credits do I have with LSC?

On your unofficial transcript, the last section is labeled “Career Undergrad Summary. Find the line for “Local.” The Attempted (Att) number of credits is how many credits you’ve been registered for. The Earned (Earn) number of credits is how many you’ve successfully completed. Grades of F, FN, W, and I do not count towards Earned credits, only Attempted credits.

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