Lake Superior College’s Dental Hygiene Clinic provides the following services to Lake Superior College students, employees, and the general public by appointment on a first requested, first served basis.

Pediatric Dental Services

Free Pediatric Dental Services

April 20 and 22, 2021

Lake Superior College (LSC) and the Lake Superior Dental Hygiene Clinic will offer free pediatric dental services on Tuesday, April 20, and Thursday, April 22nd to any child 18 years of age and younger in the Duluth and surrounding area. A dental screening may be performed by one of LSC’s supervising  dentists. Preventive/dental hygiene treatment will be provided by second-year LSC Dental Hygiene students under the supervision of licensed dental care faculty. Treatment will include preventive services only. Any operative services (such as fillings or extractions) will be referred to the child’s dentist.

Please review and sign this consent form, then call (218) 733-5939 to schedule an appointment.


Basic services (cleaning, x-ray, and fluoride treatment):

  • Seniors – $20
  • Adults – $25
  • College Students & Children (age 8-18) – $20
  • Children 7 & under – $15

Expanded treatments:

  • Sealants – $5
  • Mouth guard – $10
  • Whitening – $60

dental hygienist moves x-ray equipment close to patient's faceLSC dental hygiene students provide services including cleanings, x-rays, and fluoride treatments as part of their academic learning program. Additional treatment options (sealants, mouth guards, and whitening) are available. They are supervised by dental hygiene faculty.

LSC’s Dental Hygiene Clinic does not provide the following services: Exams, diagnosis or restorative services. Dental Hygiene Clinic visits are not intended to take the place of a dentist appointment. Supervising dentists for the clinic are on staff for a dental screening and to authorize x-rays, sealants and other expanded functions.  If any issue is noticed during the cleaning process, the patient is referred to their own dentist.  All patients are encouraged to see their dental provider after seeing us to follow up with a dental exam.