Miller Creek Interpretive Trail

The Miller Creek Interpretive Trail provides opportunities for education, solitude, recreation, and stewardship of natural resources. The Miller Creek Interpretive Trail is less than a mile long loop and connects 14 sites of ecologic and geologic interest. In 2012, the site markers were updated with the information formerly found in the Interpretive Trail Guide. Questions about accessibility?  Check out the trail map or email

Trail Maintenance & Surface Water Quality Monitoring

The LSC Interpretive trail crosses Miller Creek at two points. Trails, foot bridges, and monitoring equipment are maintained by Biology Department Faculty, staff, and student employees. Additionally, almost 300 maple, oak and pine tree saplings are planted on LSC property near Miller Creek each year to replace the old-growth birch trees that are reaching the end of their life.

In cooperation with Natural Resource Research Institute (NRRI) and Duluth Steams, Lake Superior College hosts and maintains a site dedicated to Miller Creek stream monitoring. For information and access to this data, go to

Newest North Trail

LSC now has an almost continuous trail around the campus’ perimeter.  In collaboration with our Civil Engineer Technician Program, the entire trail has been surveyed and mapped.  The rugged North Trail map (0.6 mile) and All Trails map showing the Interpretive Trail connection offers views of the combined walking-only dirt paths.

Go the Distance

Combining the two trails is a great way to put some miles on during your breaks.  With some creative combinations, you can log some serious miles in a beautiful natural setting.

  • Walking counter-clockwise, starting at the east side of campus: Simply completing the North Trail and continuing on the upper side of the Interpretive Trail, then cutting across the parking lot back to the North Trail entrance will complete a 1.1 mile full-campus loop.
  • Again, walking counter clockwise from the east side of campus: Taking the North Trail to the Interpretive Trail head then completing the full Interpretive Trail loop (about 0.75 miles alone), then doubling back up to the North Trail going clockwise, you’ll have finished an almost 2 mile hike in the woods when you arrive back at your starting point!
  • Contact for more information or a guided tour!