Miller creek's rocky bed runs under a heavily wooded cover

On the southern edge our 97-acre partially wooded hillside campus, the Miller Creek Interpretive Trail provides opportunities for education, solitude, and recreation. The Miller Creek Interpretive Trail is less than a mile-long loop and connects 14 sites of ecologic and geologic interest. In 2012, the site markers were updated with the information found in this Interpretive Trail Guide.

Miller Creek Interpretive Trail Bridge
Miller Creek Interpretive Trail Bridge

Questions about access? Check out the Miller Creek Interpretive Trail map or email [email protected].

Stewardship and Surface Water Quality Monitoring

The LSC Interpretive Trail loop crosses Miller Creek twice. Trails, foot bridges, and stream monitoring equipment are maintained by the Sustainability Council. Since the northern hardwood forest restoration effort began in 1999, almost 300 maple, oak and pine tree saplings are planted annually on LSC property near Miller Creek to replace the now dominant mature paper birch, pin cherry, and American mountain ash trees.  Based on soils present here and the scattered presence of sugar maple, yellow birch, white pine, and white cedar, there is strong evidence that this site was once occupied by a northern hardwood community. The Sustainability Council works with the City of Duluth and local groups to combat invasive species and work toward a more climate resilient campus.

In cooperation with Natural Resource Research Institute (NRRI) and Duluth Steams, Lake Superior College hosts and maintains a site dedicated to Miller Creek stream monitoring. For information and access to this data, go to The site also hosts a CrowdHydrology staff gage, with stream depth information gathered by citizens using their cell phones.

Newest North Trail and Maps

LSC’s almost continuous trail around the campus’ perimeter offers new options for hiking. The entire trail has been surveyed and mapped. Print your own trail maps with route guides, or find a copy at the campus’ main entrance.

Miller Creek Interpretive Trail North Trail
North Trail

Nature Prescribed

Research increasingly touts the mental and physical benefits of time spent in nature, both for children and adults.  With some creative combinations, you can hit your daily time and mile goals. Here are a couple of nearly traffic-free options:

Start at the east side of campus, and walk counter-clockwise:

  • Simply complete the North Trail and continue onto the upper side of the Interpretive Trail, then cut across the parking lot back to the North Trail entrance and you will have completed a 1 milefull-campus loop.
  • Or add the Interpretive Trail loop: complete the North Trail, then complete the full Interpretive Trail loop (about 0.75 miles alone).  Double-back up to the North Trail going clockwise, and you’ll have finished an almost 2 mile hike in the woods when you arrive back at your starting point!

Miller Creek Trail mapContact [email protected] for more information or a guided tour!