Part 1: Purpose

The purposes of this policy are to:

  1. Ensure institution surveys are of quality
  2. Protect the validity and reliability of survey data
  3. Minimize duplicate collection of data and avoid survey fatigue
  4. Protect human subjects
  5. Protect the privacy of students, faculty, and staff
  6. Ensure appropriate distribution, use, and archiving of survey results
  7. Protect the institution

Part 2: Definitions

Subpart A: College

College refers to Lake Superior College (LSC).

Subpart B: Survey

A survey is a method of collecting data through the use of a questionnaire.

Subpart C: Institutional Survey

An institutional survey is a survey used to collect data to inform policy or decision-making within the College.

Subpart D: Research Survey

A research survey is a survey used to collect data as part of a systematic investigation designed to contribute to generalized knowledge and is subject to Policy 3.50 Institutional Review Board.

Part 3: Scope and Applicability

Subpart A: General

This policy applies to campus-wide surveys of the College’s faculty, students, or staff. It also applies to all College sponsored surveys of its constituents (e.g., alumni, supporters, visitors, partners, etc.).

Subpart B: Exemptions

The following forms of surveys are exempt from this policy:

  1. Student evaluations of courses and instruction
  2. Instruments designed to assess student learning
  3. Participant evaluations of specific programs, workshops, or events
  4. Feedback instruments used to evaluate employee performance
  5. Surveys conducted by students as part of a class assignment
  6. Surveys of their members by employee bargaining units
  7. Surveys to determine best meeting times
  8. Surveys of program students and/or industry partners required by the program’s accreditor
  9. Third-party surveys directed to individual faculty or staff members in their professional capacity
  10. Employee exit surveys conducted by, or under the direction of, Human Resources
  11. Student Senate elections and surveys conducted by the Student Senate to gather student input on issues of concern to students

Part 4: Human Subjects Research

Any survey that constitutes human subjects research is also subject to Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval in accordance with Policy 3.50 Institutional Review Board.

Part 5: Prior Approval

All surveys subject to this policy must be submitted to the LSC Research Analyst for review and approval before they are administered. To facilitate review and approval, the following information should be submitted:

  1. Description of the survey project, including the sponsor, purpose, and intended use of the results
  2. Description of the specific population to be surveyed
  3. Method of survey distribution (e.g., online, mail, event, etc.)
  4. Planned time frame for administering the survey
  5. Evidence of IRB approval (if required)
  6. Description of any planned survey participation incentive
  7. Current draft of the survey and draft invitation message(s)

Part 6: Survey Support

Subpart A: Design and Analysis

Upon request, the LSC Research Analyst will provide support in designing, administering, and analyzing the results of institutional surveys.

Subpart B: Survey Software

The College licenses commercial survey software. Institutional surveys should be conducted using the licensed software absent compelling reasons to use a different method or software.

Part 7: Survey Results

Results from institutional surveys must be submitted to the LSC Research Analyst for review and archiving.

Policy History

Date Implemented: June 28, 2017

Date Reviewed/Revised: September 7, 2023

President’s Signature Date: October 4, 2023

Lake Superior College's President's Signature