Policies & Code of Conduct

LSC administration expects that all college policies including the Student Code of Conduct will be applied to all students enrolled at the college. Online students are included in this expectation.

Academic honesty

The college expects all students to behave in an ethical manner regarding issues surrounding academic honesty. LSC faculty and administrators will vigorously investigate any suspicions of academic dishonesty including but not limited to plagiarism and collusion or cheating on graded assignments and tests. For more information, review the Student code of conduct procedure 3.6.1

LSC expects you to read your email – it is official communication

LSC faculty and administration expects that all students will read and take action based upon the information sent to them via the LSC student email system. Email is the official means of communication for the college. Students are expected to check their email regularly.

Course evaluations

  • LSC strongly encourages students to submit the optional end-of-term course evaluations for online courses.
  • Evaluations are typically made available about a week prior to the end of the term, take about 3-5 minutes to complete, and are completely anonymous.