Required to register for classes

Once you’ve become a student at LSC, sign up for the on-campus orientation (SOAR) or the online orientation. The orientation provides information about key policies and resources you’ll need to succeed at LSC. It’s a requirement to take an orientation to enroll in classes. The earlier you complete your SOAR or online orientation, the better selection of classes you’ll have.

Take advantage of Parent Orientation to learn more about how you can help your Lake Superior College student!

  • Get important information about Lake Superior College!
  • Find out about FREE campus resources available to your student to academically succeed!
  • Gain an understanding of the transition to college for parents and students and have more productive conversations with your student by being informed!


Take the on-campus SOAR session if:

  • You need to take the Accuplacer placement test, or
  • You’re new to LSC (or haven’t taken classes here in the past 2 years), or
  • You’d like an in-person session.

Tuesday Testing

  • Complete your Accuplacer testing ahead of time by attending one of our testing sessions at 9:00am or 1:00pm every Tuesday.
  • No appointment needed, testing is in room S1971.
  • Not sure if you need testing? See the Accuplacer Placement Test section below and contact advising if you have any questions.

Expect to spend four hours or more on campus (your time will be shorter if you aren’t required to take the placement test). Check in the day of your SOAR session at the S building in Student Services.


Take the online orientation now if:

  • You’re taking eLearning courses only, or
  • You’re an experienced transfer or returning student, and
  • You don’t need to take the Accuplacer placement test, and
  • You’d prefer an online orientation.
  • Accuplacer placement test

    You’ll be required to take the placement test at your SOAR session unless:

    • You’ve taken the test through LSC or another institution within the past two years.
    • You have qualifying ACT, MCA or SAT scores
    • Or you’ve completed appropriate college level writing or math courses.

  • Advising session

    SOAR attendees will meet with an advisor to:

    • Review your first semester course plan
    • Review your degree requirements
    • Help you understand your placement test results

  • Register for courses during SOAR session

    • Attend a SOAR session to learn how to register for classes using our online registration portal (e-services).
    • When you leave you’ll have registered for courses for the upcoming semester.

If you need accommodations, please contact Disability Services at 218-733-7650 or MRS/TTY 800-627-3529.