No corresponding Minnesota State Policy exists

Part 1: Policy Statement

Academic resale activities must be integral to Lake Superior College’s (LSC) instructional mission.

Part 2: For Student or College Purposes

The purpose of LSC resale activity is to provide quality, educational experiences for our students. This includes goods and services that are sold to students, staff, and the general public provided by students participating in instructional programs. All associated procedures apply to the activities of the general public, students and employees.

The focus of the lab experiences shall not be to provide timely and inexpensive services to “customers.” Service is made available to the general public but is scheduled only as needed to match the requirements of the curriculum.

Consult LSC Policy 1C.3, Part 3, for ethical expectations on employee behavior and choices. MN Statute 43A.38 governs the code of conduct of state employees in this regard.

Part 3: Pricing

Products or services offered by the college shall normally be priced to recover, at minimum, all costs related to production of the product or service. A nominal fee may be applied, to cover other incidental operating costs. In some shop/lab areas, a pre-determined standard fee per job type may be established. If the activity is integral to the fulfillment of the college’s instructional mission, prices may be established at less than or more than full cost recovery upon approval by the president. LSC academic resale activities will not charge for labor.
For any resale activity to occur, full documentation of costs and pricing determinations must be posted or made available in the service area. The pricing structure must be in compliance with Minnesota State Board Policy 7.6 and MN Statute §135A.13, and take into consideration the impact of competition with the private sector.

Part 4: Department Procedures

Specific procedures are developed for each department involved with resale activities of any kind. These procedures must be approved prior to the commencement of any academic resale activity by the appropriate academic dean, vice president of academic & student affairs, director of business services, and vice president of administration. Current department procedures will be posted as procedure to this policy and are maintained on file with the director of the Business Office.

Policy History

Date Implemented: February 9, 2012

Date Updated: December 11, 2014; December 7, 2021

President’s Signature Date: December 8, 2021

Lake Superior College's President's Signature