Part 1: Purpose. In keeping with the mission of Lake Superior College (LSC) and to maintain a safe environment for students, faculty and staff; LSC will follow the Minnesota State Vehicle Fleet Safety Program. This policy applies to all LSC campuses.

Part 2: Policy Statement 

LSC will abide by the Minnesota State Vehicle Fleet Safety Program and all pertinent procedures and guidance promulgated by Minnesota State Risk Management Division or the State of Minnesota Risk Management Division.

The Vice President of Administration or his/her designee shall serve as the responsible administrator for implementing and enforcing this policy, and has the authority to require all students, faculty and staff to comply with the requirements of the Minnesota State Vehicle Fleet Safety Program before operating a state vehicle for state business.

Part 3: Definitions

  1. Minnesota State Business – Any activity that is the directly related to being employed by LSC or being enrolled as a student at LSC, including but not limited to, class field trips, meeting, seminar or conference attendance, picking up or delivering items or persons directly related to LSC.
  2. Driving on State of Minnesota Business – Includes driving a state owned vehicle, driving a vehicle leased using LSC funds or to be reimbursed by LSC or driving any other vehicle including a person’s private vehicle on Minnesota State business with the expectation of being reimbursed for mileage and/or expenses.
  3. Eligibility – In order to drive on state business, students, faculty and staff must meet the eligibility requirements.

Part 4: Requirements

  1. Student Drivers under 21 years of age – Unless specifically exempted by the State of Minnesota and Minnesota State Risk Management Divisions, no student under the age of 21 may drive out of state on M business.
  2. All Student Drivers – Effective with the adoption of this policy, any student who will be driving on state business is required to complete and sign the Vehicle Use Agreement (see LSC Procedure 5.30.1) and consent to a check of their Motor Vehicle Record. Motor Vehicle Records will be checked annually during the period the student is enrolled at LSC.