Part 1: General. Students seeking an exception to certain policies or procedures may submit a completed Petition to Policy form for consideration. Petitions should be filed in the semester of occurrence, but typically be filed no later than one year following. Documentation of extenuating circumstances must be submitted for review past the one year deadline. Students will be notified of the decision via their LSC student email account within ten (10) working days of receipt of their request.

Students have the right to file an appeal to the designated administrator if their petition is denied. Appeals must be filed within ten (10) working days from the receipt of the petition decision. Appeal decisions will be communicated within ten (10) working days. Appeal decisions are final and binding.

Petitions must be submitted on the Petition to Policy form available on the LSC web site.

  1. Appropriate sections must be completed as described in the Petition Instructions Checklist that is available with the form.
  2. All requests should typically include student’s LSC transcript and Degree Audit Report (DARS), which should be printed from the student’s e-Services account and attached.
  3. Professional documentation is required for certain types of requests to provide evidence of extenuating circumstances (e.g., death in immediate family, medical, legal, military, etc.). A personal statement alone is not adequate documentation. See Part 3.
  4. It is recommended that the student meet with a LSC professional advisor prior to submitting the Petition to Policy form.

There may be financial aid consequences if a petition to withdraw is approved depending on the financial aid the student received.

Withdrawal after deadline does not include the removal of any charges.

Waiver of charges will typically be the lesser of the amount owed or the tuition and fee charges (excluding MSCSA and bookstore). The MSCSA (Minnesota State College Student Association) fee and bookstore charges cannot be waived.

Part 2: Types of Petitions

  1. Change FN to W: Professional, medical or mental health documentation of extenuating circumstances, funeral notices or obituary, military orders, etc. required (see Part 3 for examples). Academic Dean recommendation is required.
  2. Credit Overload: LSC or other college/university transcript showing student’s ability to perform well academically at more than 18 credits; professional advisor recommendation if transcript not available.
  3. Drop Course & Late Add in same term and same number of credits (with/without financial aid eligibility): LSC course instructor recommendation is required for the add.
  4. Financial Aid Eligibility for Late Add: Documents related to the delay in registering for the course, or rationale for switching sections.
  5. Late Add: Course instructor approval is required if the course has already started.
  6. Other: Any pertinent documents to support request.
  7. Reinstatement following FN: Course instructor approval is required.
  8. Switch Sections of Same Course in the Same Term (with/without financial aid eligibility): Course instructor recommendation is required.
  9. Waive Program Requirements: Any pertinent documents to support request.
  10. Withdrawal after Deadline: Professional, medical or mental health documentation of extenuating circumstances, funeral notices or obituary, military orders, etc. required (see Part 3 for examples).
  11. Waiver of Charges: Professional, medical or mental health documentation of extenuating circumstances, funeral notices or obituary, military orders, etc. required (see Part 3 for examples).

Course Substitutions, Grade Appeals, and Financial Aid Past 150% have separate policies, procedures, and forms.

Part 3: Professional Documentation Requirements.

  1. Chronic ongoing medical condition or illness that prevented attendance for two or more weeks or for a length of time curtailing ability to successfully complete a shorter term class.
    1. Physician or other medical professional letter on original letterhead
    2. Official medical records indicating specific dates of treatment
    3. Accident report, etc.
  2. Military activation.
    1. Military orders with dates coinciding with enrollment.
  3. Death of parent, spouse, child or dependent adult. Significant other with documentation of relationship.
    1. Funeral notices or obituary must show family relationship or be provided with other documentation.
    2. Death certificate copy attached, etc.
  4. Legal circumstances beyond your control. This does NOT include incarceration.
    1. Police report.
    2. Order of Protection, etc.

The College reserves the right to require such additional information as deemed needed to make an informed decision.

Part 4: Petition Decision Makers.

Tyes of Petitions Petition Decisions Appeal Decision*
Change FN to W Petition Committee VP-ASA
Credit Overload Director of Advising VP-ASA
Drop Course and Late Add in Same Term and Same Number of Credits with/without financial aid eligibility) Petition Committee VP-ASA
Financial Aid Eligibility for Late Add Director of Financial Aid VP-A
Late Add Academic Dean VP-ASA
Other Varies depending on request VP-A or VP-ASA
Reinstatement following FN Academic Dean VP-ASA
Switch Sections of Same Course in Same Term (with/without financial aid eligibility) Academic Dean VP-ASA
Waive Program Requirements Academic Dean VP-ASA
Waiver of Charges Petition Committee VP-A
Withdrawal after Deadline Petition Committee VP-ASA
* Appeal decisions are finding and binding.
VP-A = Vice President of Administration
VP-ASA = Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Date Implemented: April 4, 2002

Date Updated: February 27, 2014