Part 1: Authority. Lake Superior College (LSC) shall charge tuition and fees consistent with Minnesota Statutes, Minnesota State Board policies, and Minnesota State System procedures. The Minnesota State Board of Trustees shall approve the tuition and fee structure for LSC.

The Minnesota State Chancellor or designee is authorized to make any necessary technical adjustments to the tuition rates and fees. Technical adjustments are defined as changes in tuition and fee rates which are deemed a correction or the addition of a program rate for a new program established in the interim.

Part 2: Tuition
The tuition categories at LSC are:

    1. Per credit
    2. Differential course and program
    3. Market driven

Any tuition category may include resident and nonresident rates. All tuition is identified separately on the tuition and fee statement.

Part 3: Approval and Notice

Subpart A: Approval of Mandatory and Optional Fees
Four categories of fees shall be applied to students by LSC. No fee shall be charged unless authorized by the Board.

    1. Mandatory fees are in statute or policy and are required to be charged by the colleges and universities of Minnesota State.
    2. Optional fees are established by the Minnesota State Board and adopted at campus discretion.
    3. Personal property charges and service charges are established by the Minnesota State Board, adopted at campus discretion, and include items that are retained by the student or services that are on the student’s behalf.
    4. Revenue Fund fees are established in accordance with statute, policy, or bond indenture.

Subpart B:  Notice Required. All fees are identified separately on the tuition and fee statement. On an annual basis, the college publishes all fees that are charged to students.

Part 4: Fees

Subpart A: Mandatory fees
There are five mandatory fees:

    1. Senior citizen fee in lieu of tuition
    2. Access (Parking) fee
    3. Late fee
    4. Payment plan fee
    5. Statewide student association fee (MSCSA)

Lake Superior College shall charge these fees consistent with Minnesota Statutes, Minnesota State Board policies, and Minnesota State System procedures.

Subpart B: Optional Fees. The Minnesota State Board approves the optional fee maximums. LSC may establish policies to charge fees not to exceed the maximum amount approved by the Board.
The Lake Superior College optional fees are:

    1. Application fee
    2. Credit for prior learning assessment fee
    3. Student life/activity fee
    4. Technology Fee

Subpart C: Personal Property Charges and Service Charges. LSC may charge students the actual cost of property and services. The charges shall be for items that become the personal property of a student and have an educational or personal value beyond the classroom or for services for or on the behalf of the students. The actual cost shall be the allowable maximum charge.

Subpart D: Revenue Fund Fees. LSC has no Revenue Funds or related fees as of March 2013.

Part 5: Student Consultation. All tuition and fees are subject to student consultation requirements as defined by Minnesota State Board Policy 2.3, Student Involvement in Decision Making.

Date Implemented: February 27, 2014