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3.11 – Add/Drop and Withdrawal

This policy defines timeframes for students to make changes to their class schedule.

Part 1: Definition of terms

Add: Register for a course

Drop: Remove a course and related charges from the student schedule

Withdraw: Remove a class and receive a grade of “W” on the transcript

Calendar day: Every day including weekends and holidays

Academic calendar day: College business day. Does not count weekends /holidays

Part 2: Add/Drop/Withdrawal

Subpart A: Full Term Courses (Fall, Spring, and Summer Terms)

Students may add and/or drop a class through the fifth (5th) academic calendar day of the term. Students will not be obligated for tuition and certain fees for courses dropped within the above-specified time frame. (See Subpart B for classes that do not run the entire length of the semester.) Students who drop within the above guidelines shall not have such courses appear on their transcripts.

Final date for official course withdrawal. The final date for official course withdrawal is the last day on which students may officially terminate their enrollment in a course, and shall be the date on which eighty percent (80%) of the days in the academic semester have elapsed. A grade of “W” will appear on the transcript.

Subpart B: Late Start Short Term Courses

Students may add or drop a late start course(s) that is less than full-semester in length within one calendar day of the first class session.

For courses not on a standard academic semester schedule, the final date for official course withdrawal shall be established as the date on which eighty percent (80%) of the instructional days for the course have elapsed.

Part 3: General – Applies to All Terms

  1. Students who are reported to be in non-attendance (see Policy 3.17.4) and assigned a grade of “FN” or who are assigned an “F” grade due to academic misconduct (see Policy 3.6) forfeit their right to withdraw from their courses.
  2. Students who withdraw from all Fall or all Spring or all Summer registered courses on the same day will receive refunds based on the LSC Refund Policy 5.12.
  3. A withdrawal does impact Satisfactory Progress requirements (see Policy 2.9).
  4. Federal Financial aid grants are calculated based on the number of credits a student is registered for on the end of the 5th day of the term. If a class is dropped that begins later in the term and a student received financial aid funding for that class, the student’s Financial Aid will be adjusted and repayment may be required. Repayment will not be required if the student substitutes a different late start course with the same number of credits and has obtained the approval of an Advisor through the petition process.

Date Implemented: October 12, 2011

Date Updated: March 27, 2012