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2.3 – Student Involvement in Decision Making

Minnesota State Policy

Part 1: General Provisions. To promote appropriate levels of student participation for decision-making and to assure student perspectives are considered, Lake Superior College students shall have the opportunity for representation in college committees involving or affecting student interests and shall have the opportunity to review or be consulted on issues that have significant impact on students.

Part 2:  Student involvement in committees, conferences and issue forums

Subpart A: Students shall be given the opportunity for representation on campus committees, conferences and issue forums that are part of the policy development and/or the decision-making process.

Supart B: Student representation on campus committees shall be selected by the Student Senate.

Part 3:  Exceptions. Exceptions for this policy include the following:

  1. More than equal constituent representation can serve on any one committee with authorization from the college president or designee.
  2. Committees established for the evaluation of personnel.
  3. Committees established under collective bargaining agreements.
  4. Management teams and executive committees of Lake Superior College.

Date Implemented: March 7, 2002

Date Updated: April, 2007