Minnesota State Policy

Part 1: Establishment. In accordance with Minnesota State Board Policy 2.1 Campus Student Associations, Lake Superior College recognizes the LSC Student Senate as the official body for student representation on campus.

Part 2: Duties. The purpose of the Student Senate is to work to improve the quality of education and to assist in the development of student life activity.

  1. The Student Senate shall develop a constitution which defines a fair selection process for student representatives and the ratification process for the student government.
  2. The Student Senate has the exclusive right to recommend to the College President the chartering of student clubs and organizations on campus.
  3. The Student Senate shall attempt to fill committee openings with members representative of all the college clubs and organizations.
  4. The Student Senate shall consider not only campus issues, but state and national issues and/or legislative actions.
  5. The Student Senate shall participate in Board policies 2.3, 2.3.1,  2.8, 2.8.1 and LSC policies 2.3, & 2.8.

Part 3: Appeal decisions made by the LSC Student Senate may be appealed by submitting in writing the decision made by the LSC Student Senate and the reason for the appeal to the Vice President of Student Services.

Date Proposed: December 23, 1997

January 30, 1998
September 2004
December 2005

Date Implemented: May 11, 1998

Revised Implementation: February, 2006