Part 1: Authority

The decision to close or delay opening of Lake Superior College (LSC) due to weather or other emergency is made by the president or designee. Appropriate notification will be made by the President or designee to the Minnesota State System Office when a decision is made. The president’s designee is the Vice President or Administration.

The closure of state agencies by the Commissioner of Management and Budget does not apply to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. The Governor of Minnesota has emergency powers to issue an executive order to change the work schedule of executive branch employees in cases of natural disaster or other emergencies (M.S. Section 12.21). This does apply to Minnesota State Colleges and University employees.

Subpart A

Long-Term Closings. Minnesota State Board Policy 1A.10 “Long-Term Emergency Management” applies to long-term closures.

Subpart B

Short-Term Closings. Per Minnesota State Board Policy 4.4 “Weather / Short Term Emergency Closings,” the authority to close College facilities six calendar days or less due to weather or other emergencies resides with the President or a designated Vice President.

Part 2: Classes Cancelled

If all classes are cancelled but the college is not closed, students are not expected to attend but employees are expected to work.

Should faculty or staff choose to stay home because of conditions, when the building is not officially closed, the appropriate leave must be requested. Pay will be deducted should the employee have no leave available.

Part 3: Closings

When the college is declared closed all college employees are excused from work with pay. College closure applies to all employees regardless or labor contract. Essential employees are not excused from work and will be paid at their regular rate of pay. The declaration of college closure shall, whenever possible, identify the timeframe when employees are excused from work.

Subpart A: Inclement Weather

In times of weather, emergency assessment of conditions will be the responsibility of the Vice President of Administration, who may contact personnel at the district offices of the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Minnesota State Patrol.

The Vice President of Administration will consult with the President to determine the need for any personnel to report to work during times the College is closed or the opening is delayed due to emergency conditions. Employees will be scheduled to work according to relevant contract provisions.

Determination of closing or delayed opening shall be made by 6:00 a.m., whenever possible.

Subpart B: Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plan

The College’s Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plan shall include a list of emergency situations other than those due to weather conditions for which campus closure would be an appropriate action. A list of essential employees not excused from work duty during campus closings due to identified emergency conditions shall be maintained by the Vice President of Administration’s office.

Part 4: Notification

Subpart A: LSC Website

LSC will post notification of a closure on the front page of the College website (

Subpart B: Emergency Notification Alert and Social Media

Employees and students who signed up via Emergency Alert System will receive a text message and/or e-mail of any emergency closures.

LSC’s social media will provide timely weather-related closure announcements.

Subpart C: Media

Internal and External Communication:

The Institutional Advancement Department will provide updated information on LSC’s website, via email and official social media pages:


Twitter @LSC_Duluth

Instagram @LakeSuperiorCollege

In addition, all major media sources including television, radio and newspaper will be notified of any closings or cancellations. Utilization of the emergency alert system will be used to keep students, staff and faculty informed.


Date Implemented: February 8, 2013

Date Updated: January 12, 2014 October 27, 2017