OERs and Instructor Packets at the LSC Store

OERs and Instructor Packets at the LSC Store

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the store need to know about my OER or instructor packet?

  • The LSC Store needs to know if you are using an OER or an instructor packet that is to be printed by the LSC Copy Center and for sale in the LSC Store. The store needs to know if the printed version will be optional or required.

When does the store need to know about my OER or instructor packet?

  • Packet and OER adoptions are due to the LSC Store at the same time as book adoptions. Fall and summer semester adoptions are due April 1 and spring semester adoptions are due October 1. Faculty can submit adoptions approximately 30 days prior to the due date. An email will be sent when the adoption window is open.

How do I inform the store of my printed OER or instructor packet?

  • Packets can be submitted in two methods.
    • Via our LSC Store faculty web portal. View the instructions (instructor packets and OERs are addressed in step 11)
    • By digital form. For fields that you do not have information, such as ISBN, please write N/A.

How do I get my printed OER or instructor packet to the LSC Store?

  • Printed OERs and packets should be submitted before each semester to the LSC Copy Center. Please submit using the Help Desk.
  • We ask that you complete the first submission each semester to ensure that the content is always up to date and accurate. If your material is optional, we suggest starting with 5 copies. If the material is required, please submit the number of students you expect to enroll in your course. If the store runs out, we will place additional orders.

When does the LSC Store need my OER or instructor packets?

  • The LSC Store needs your OER or packet in store 30 days prior to the semester start. Please allow ample time for printing and delivery by the copy center.

Why does the deadline on submitting my OER and packet information seem so early?

  • The LSC Store starts planning for the next semester months before it starts. We need to return or destroy old resources that will not be used, as well as set-up our shelves for incoming inventory. It is very important that we designate shelf space for all printed resources when planning our semester layout. If a resource arrives at the store that we were not expecting, we often must move hundreds of books to make room for it in the proper place.

Why do I need to have my printed resources available to the LSC Store a full month before the semester starts?

  • LSC students start shopping for their course materials 30 days prior to the semester start. Orders that are placed containing an out of stock OER or packet are placed on hold until the resource is available. This causes a delay to customers from receiving all of their items. For customers shopping in person they are unable to get all their needed materials in one trip and often come back to the store multiple times looking for the material.