Inclusive Access

What is Inclusive Access?

Inclusive Access is an automated way for students to access their digital course materials. Students receive their required materials via their D2L and pay a discounted price for the materials when they pay for their tuition and fees.

How does it work?

    1. For courses that are utilizing Inclusive Access students will automatically have access to the course materials when they log into their course through D2L. There is no extra steps or purchases students need to make to begin using the materials!

      • Courses are identified as Inclusive Access via the course schedule in e-services. When registering for courses students will see that the book requirement will be listed as Inclusive Access. Students will also see Inclusive Access listed as required course material when looking up course materials through the LSC Store webpage.
      • Students will see the additional Inclusive Access charges in your course fees. Students won’t have to pay for a textbook separately!

Think you’re going to miss a paper textbook? Some courses will still have optional, loose-leaf books for purchase in the LSC Store at a reduced cost.

  1. Students enrolled in these courses are automatically billed directly through their student accounts. The digital access is covered by most types of funding, including financial aid, scholarships, veterans funding, payment plans, etc. The price of Inclusive Access materials is discounted when compared to the same products at most other retailers.
  2. During the first week of the semester students are notified of their opportunity to opt-out of the Inclusive Access program. A link is provided in their D2L course to decline the use of the digital materials through the Inclusive Access program if they do not wish to participate in the program.
    • Students have until the first Friday of the semester to opt-out of the materials.
    • Students that choose to opt-out will have their course materials deactivated and the fee for the materials removed from their student account.
    • PSEO student should NEVER decline or op-out as these are required materials and are covered by PSEO funding.
    • Students are still required to obtain the materials from elsewhere if they opt-out.