On behalf of the Lake Superior College Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, with the support of the LSC Leadership Team and President’s Cabinet, you’re invited to read, participate in and contribute to the Lake Superior College 2024-2027 Equity Work Plan shown below. This Equity Work Plan is a call to action for our entire campus community to create inclusive and equitable environments where all students and employees can show up authentically and find success.

This work plan was designed with input from faculty, staff and students and is designed to propel Lake Superior College forward in our Equity 2030 efforts. This plan uses data from our Equity Scorecard results and from qualitative information that our community has provided us on what we’re doing well and where there is opportunity for improvement.

As we continue our commitment to Equity 2030 and creating an inclusive campus over the next three years with this plan as our guide, we know that we will need to review and revise our plan as we go along. This Plan is a living document that will grow and adapt to campus and community needs and goals. This Plan is not exclusive, meaning many other ongoing DEI initiatives will continue to take place throughout the campus. Additionally, many of the goals laid out in this Plan are multi-step plans where pre-work needs to be completed before moving to the next step of the goal, and, once completed, there may be additional scaffolded measures taken.

Our collective efforts keep in mind both the future and sustainability of Lake Superior College and the needs and future of the community we are a part of. We invite you to join us on this journey and to actively participate in ensuring that Lake Superior College is a welcoming, equitable environment for all who set foot here.

PRIORITY 1: Demonstrate institutional commitment to Equity 2030

Aim: Increase participation in Equity 2030 work across campus.

Goal 1.1: Establish an increased and renewed campus-wide commitment to equity work led by the Campus Leadership Team.

Goal 1.2: Grow faculty commitment to and provide tools for creating equitable and inclusive classrooms.

Goal 1.3: Review of budget to ensure alignment with Equity 2030 goals.

Goal 1.4: Creation of Equity participation recognition program.

Goal 1.5: Renewed commitment to the creation and implementation of the Equity by Design team.

Goal 1.6: Establish and implement a Bias Incident Response Team.

Goal 1.7: Grow reciprocal external relationships that help create a more inclusive community.

PRIORITY 2: Improve experience for members of the LGBTQ+ community

Aim: Create an educational and work environment at LSC where members of the LGBTQ+ community feel safe and welcomed.

Goal 2.1: Increase support for LGBTQ+ employees.

Goal 2.2: Increase education of LGBTQ identities, needs and rights.

Goal 2.3: Advocate and create awareness for the importance of gender-neutral restrooms.

PRIORITY 3: Improve access, engagement, and educational opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds

Aim: Create a campus environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of students historically underserved by higher education.

Goal 3.1: Increase intentional efforts to support Native American and Alaska Native students on campus.

Goal 3.2: Improve academic opportunities for students to learn about cultural differences.

Goal 3.3: Establish educational and institutional support for pregnant and parenting students to align with Title XI Compliance.

Goal 3.4: Increase support for international students and English Language Learner students.

Goal 3.5: Establish neurodivergent-friendly places on campus.

Goal 3.6: Improve access to LSC for underrepresented populations through recruiting and admissions processes.

PRIORITY 4: Improve hiring and retention efforts of people from diverse backgrounds and equity-minded practitioners

Aim: Attract applicants, hire and retain candidates from diverse backgrounds and people committed to LSC’s equity goals.

Goal 4.1: Improve and increase hiring efforts of people from diverse backgrounds and equity-minded practitioners.

Goal 4.2: Improve and increase retention practices of people from diverse backgrounds and equity-minded practitioners.

Goal 4.3: Embed equity throughout employment cycle.