Apply to the Medical Laboratory Assistant Program

Step 1: Before Applying...

The Medical Laboratory Assistant program starts once a year in Fall semester. Applications will be accepted Now - Until Filled.

Before applying to the MLA program, be sure you’re an accepted LSC student and have completed all pre-program courses and requirements.

Become an LSC Student

Apply to LSC

Apply to LSC

Before you apply to the MLA program you must apply and become an LSC student.

Declare Your Major

Declare your major

When you apply to become an LSC student, choose MLA as your major. If you change your major after you apply to LSC, make sure to meet with an advisor.

Have you been an LSC student before?

Have you been an LSC student before?

If you’ve taken classes for credit at LSC in the last 2 years, don’t reapply. If it’s been 2 years or more since you took a class, you need to apply to become an LSC student again.

Complete pre-program courses and requirements

Complete all “pre-program” requirements / courses specified in your program guide.

View Program Guides

Review pre program requirements in the program guide including:

  • English/Reading
  • Math

Apply while attending pre-program classes?

MLA applicants may apply while in progress with pre-program classes. However, updated transcripts and supporting documentation must be provided to the admissions and records office before applications can be processed.

Attend informational meeting with program director

Contact the program director for upcoming meeting dates:
Crystal Schmidt, M.Ed., MLS(ASCP)CM
MLT Program Director
(218) 733-6939

Contact an LSC academic advisor:
Phone: (218) 733-7601

Step 2: Apply...

After you’ve completed Step 1, apply to the LSC MLA program. Applications are accepted: Now - Until Filled.

The MLA program starts once a year in Fall semester.

Apply Now

Save the confirmation email you receive after applying

Save the confirmation email you receive after applying. This is your proof of application.

Step 3: Notification and Next Steps...



If you are accepted into the MLA program you will be notified by e-mail. You must complete the steps outlined in the e-mail to secure your seat in the program.

Not Accepted

Not Accepted

If you were not selected or do not begin the program when you were selected, you can reapply to the MLA program during a future application period. You don’t need to reapply as an LSC student..

Step 4: Accepted Students...

If you are accepted into the Medical Laboratory Assistant Program:

If you are chosen to participate in the MLA program, you will be contacted directly by the program director and will receive an acceptance letter.  Please be aware that you must complete orientation online prior to the start of the semester. You will be added to a D2L orientation shell upon admission. Orientation tasks will be listed in this orientation shell.

Register for classes

Register for classes based on the laist provided by the program director or your advisor. You should not register for classes without receiving a list of appropriate courses. You may not register for courses out of order. Courses must be taken in order. Only students officially admitted to the program are allowed to register for courses. Students registering incorrectly will have their registration removed.

Contact with questions

Student Services
(218) 733-7601

MLA Program 

MLA Program Director
Crystal Schmidt, M.Ed., MLS(ASCP)CM
MLT Program Director

LSC Professional Advisors

We highly recommend you meet with a Health Sciences Academic Advisor as you begin your program and throughout to address any questions you may have.

Background Check

If you have been arrested, charged, or convicted of any criminal offense, you should investigate the impact that the arrest, charge, or conviction may have on your chances of employment in the field you intend to study.

Student Selection

The MLA program enrolls 15 students each fall. Students who become LSC students and complete all MLA pre-program requirements (including required GPA) will be admitted to the MLA program as long as there are available seats in the program. In the event there are more students than seats available, priority will be given to students who completed their pre-program requirements first. Students are ranked by when pre-program requirements are completed and when they completed their application to LSC / declared MLA as their program. In the event there are multiple students who completed pre-program requirements in the same term AND completed their LSC application on the same date, GPA in pre-program courses will be used as a tie-breaker.