Items in this list are general in nature. Refer to specific course expectations as posted by the instructors of each individual online course at LSC.

Attendance / Participation

First week of class

  • Log into D2L Brightspace / e-Campus within the first week (ideally the first day) of the term.
  • Read the course syllabus, post to discussion forums if required, or do other activities as assigned by the instructor.

Ongoing attendance

  • LSC expects online students to attend courses on a regular basis. In D2L, “attendance” is determined by engagement with classroom tools, other students, and with the instructor.
  • Failure to log in / participate / submit assignments for 14 consecutive calendar days will constitute failure for non-attendance.
  • Log into D2L regularly (at least several times a week) to check for news and information and participate in your online course.
  • Submit assignments and engage with classroom tools, other students and the instructor.
  • Take tests and quizzes

Time commitment

  • LSC expects that online students will generally spend a similar amount of time to complete an online course as they would to complete the same course offered on campus.
  • The general guideline for college courses is to expect to spend three hours per week (on average throughout the term) for each credit hour of a course. For example, 9 hours of weekly work time would be considered “normal” for a 3-credit course.
  • There are naturally occurring variations to this expectation when looking at specific courses.

Time management

  • The college expects that students either have or will develop good time management skills as they relate to completing online course requirements.
  • Some suggestions include:
  1. Set aside specific hours of the day for schoolwork.
  2. Set your own deadlines based on your personal schedule in advance of the official deadline.
  3. Create your own calendar of class events and requirements, or keep up-to-date to-do lists.
  4. Don’t wait until it is too late to ask for help.

Online tutoring

Get help when you need it. Tutors are available to you via email, phone or online meeting (schedule online meetings by email or phone). Email a tutor anytime or contact them by phone: (218) 733-5927 Monday–Thursday: 7:30 AM–6:00 PM, Friday: 7:30 AM–4:00 PM.

Computer skills

LSC expects all students to have or acquire basic computer skills. Online students are particularly expected to have familiarity with basic computer skills. Failure to do so can be expected to have a detrimental impact on student performance in the online learning environment.

LSC offers resources to build your technology skills.

Buy books early

Buy textbooks from the LSC online bookstore and other course materials 2-3 weeks before the start of the term to be sure they arrive before classes start.

Study space

We recommend having a dedicated study space that you use every time you study. A dedicated study space can help keep you organized and can save time collecting study materials.

Internet access

  • Online students are expected to have regular and reliable access to the Internet in order to access their online courses.
  • It is not necessary to have Internet access in your home, but it is highly recommended.
  • It is not necessary to use high-speed Internet access (cable, DSL, etc.), but it is highly recommended.

Policies & Code of Conduct

LSC administration expects that all college policies including the Student Code of Conduct will be applied to all students enrolled at the college. Online students are included in this expectation.

Academic honesty

The college expects all students to behave in an ethical manner regarding issues surrounding academic honesty. LSC faculty and administrators will vigorously investigate any suspicions of academic dishonesty including but not limited to plagiarism and collusion or cheating on graded assignments and tests. For more information, review the Student code of conduct procedure 3.6.1

LSC expects you to read your email – it is official communication

LSC faculty and administration expects that all students will read and take action based upon the information sent to them via the LSC student email system. Email is the official means of communication for the college. Students are expected to check their email regularly. 5.2  – Email accounts policy

Resolving technical problems

  • LSC expects online students to resolve their own technology problems related to computers and related equipment as well as Internet access.
  • The college is not responsible for for fixing problems or troubleshooting issues that students might have with their own personal equipment or purchased services.
  • Students do have access to software purchases through the LSC Store.

Course evaluations

  • LSC strongly encourages students to submit the optional end-of-term course evaluations for online courses.
  • Evaluations are typically made available about a week prior to the end of the term, take about 3-5 minutes to complete, and are completely anonymous.