Lake Superior College is seeking a building project as an instructional experience for the students of the LSC Carpentry Program. Applicants for the LSC Carpentry Program Project must include the following with the proposal:

  1. Documentation of pre-qualification for adequate funding from a lender or availability of personal funds.
  2. Submit a $1,000.00 certified check for a deposit, payable to Lake Superior College. The successful applicant will have the deposit credited to the service fee due to LSC for the project. The deposit will be returned to the unsuccessful applicants. The deposit will be forfeited if the selected applicant does not enter into an agreement with the college.
  3. Provide preliminary plans for the proposed residence, project description, and location of proposed building site.
  4. Have approvals from the local zoning and engineering authority for the proposed residence.
  5. Be able to provide a plot plan for the proposed residence.

Additional considerations

  • Single family home
  • Approximately 2,500 square feet in size
  • Built on concrete slab – preferred
  • Location – Within approximately 10 miles from Lake Superior College, 2101 Trinity Road – Duluth MN
  • Provide a narrative plan of the home build
  • Descriptive draft of house with preliminary drawings and general specifications
  • Financing status
  • Permitting status
  • General contractor availability
  • Sub-contractor availability

The Carpentry Advisory Committee will recommend project house by how it best meets learning outcomes and criteria.

Contact the Program Instructor, Thad Lintula, at for any questions about the project specifics.

Questions regarding the Residential Construction Contract can be directed to Michelle Phernetton at .

Project proposals must be submitted to Michelle Phernetton, Director of Business Service Lake Superior College, 2101 Trinity Road, Duluth, MN 55811, by 4:00 PM CST on Friday, March 8, 2024.