Lake Superior College Foundation provided over $340,000 in support through scholarships, grants and interest-free emergency loans last year. It was the highest annual amount LSC Foundation has ever raised and distributed, yet we know the need is still much greater.

Enrollment at LSC continues to grow and is currently the highest it’s been in over six years. Through all programs, LSC serves over 10,000 students a year and is poised for continued growth. LSC remains the #1 college destination for graduating high school seniors in Proctor, Duluth and Hermantown. However, as enrollment grows, so do the number of students seeking additional financial support. That’s why we are seeking your support to help make the 90+ programs offered at LSC even more affordable and accessible for our community’s future workforce.

LSC Foundation is engaged in a multiyear capital campaign to increase capacity to support even more students and continue to help address our region’s workforce needs. 100% of funds raised go toward student support. Invest in our community’s workforce. Invest in Lake Superior College Foundation.